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Astrologer Pradhuman Suri honored with Indo American Icon Award 2021

2 years ago

International Astrology Federation awarded India’s youngest astrologer Pradhuman Suri with the ‘Indo American Icon Award’ 2021.

International Astrology Federation is the world’s best international astrology organization. The young astrologer Pradhuman Suri ‘ has been awarded for his remarkable contribution in the field of astrology predictions and astrology. Pradhuman is the only astrologer to receive this honor in the country.

Pradhuman Suri: India's Youngest Astrologer | Pradhuman Suri awarded by IAF USA
Pradhuman Suri awarded by IAF USA

Pradhuman is an acclaimed Astrologer of India. He has won various national and international awards for his professional and social initiatives on society.

He received the prestigious Jyotish Bhushan award by the Governor of Uttarakhand, while Jyoti Pragan was honored by the Governor of Haryana. He has also been honored with Jyotish Martand and Jyotish Vibhushan.

The winner is honored for his spirit, for his nerve to soldier on despite odds, for making his dreams real, for his commitment to society. Pradhuman Suri is one of the youngest astrologers of the country who along with astrology knowledge, also owe Vastu, numerology, yoga, motivational speaker and is studying law.

Pradhuman Suri: India's Youngest Astrologer
Pradhuman Suri: India’s Youngest Astrologer

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