Anand Mahindra Bolero

Anand Mahindra kept the promise and gifted brand-new Bolero to a craftsman in exchange for his handmade car

2 years ago

A few days back, Industrialist Anand Mahindra uploaded a video of a Maharashtra man who built a four-wheeler out of scrap metal and he had offered to give him a brand new Bolero in exchange for his creativity. The 66-year-old industrialist has fulfilled his word. On Jan 25, he presented craftsman Dattatraya a brand new Balero.

 He shared photos of Dattatraya Lohar and his family receiving the new automobile on Twitter.

Dattatraya built the vehicle from scratch to fulfil his son’s request, investing Rs 60,000 in the process. It was, however, meant to be barred from plying by the local authorities at any point because it did not comply with laws. Dattatraya’s craftsmanship and desire for mobility were recognised by Anand Mahindra, who offered him a brand-new Mahindra Bolero in exchange for the handcrafted car.

Anand Mahindra Bolero
Craftsman handmade car

Anand Mahindra Tweeted while presenting the car, “Delighted that he accepted the offer to exchange his vehicle for a new Bolero. Yesterday his family received the Bolero & we proudly took charge of his creation. It will be part of our collection of cars of all types at our Research Valley & should inspire us to be resourceful.

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