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An educational day out for the creative vision school students to MG Heritage

2 years ago

Excited students of the Creative Vision School, Mangali, as a part of academics explore the famous tourist destination MG Heritage in Hisar, on Saturday.

The CVS | The Creative vision School |
The CVS Students enjoying Horse Riding at educational Day out

A group of more than 100 students explore the tourist site MG Heritage all over the course of the day along with their teachers. Educational tours play an important role in inculcating information to students in a practical and interesting manner.  Also, the initiative aims at creating awareness about tourism among students, enabling students to travel with their peers while facilitating learning, said the Principal, The Creative Vision School.

The CVS School
The CVS School

Students enjoyed the rides, craft making, camel riding, different types of games, adventurous activities and get to learn traditional and cultural activities.

Seema Jain

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