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Amazon Announced subscription of Amazon PRIME LITE in Rs. 999 only

11 months ago

On Thursday 15 June 2023, Amazon launched Amazon Prime Lite, the most affordable alternative at just Rs.999 for the customers who already have an annual prime subscription. Amazon initially tested the plan with few customers and now the plan has been launched for all the customers. Prime lite plan does not contain Amazon music, amazon gaming and prime reading.


Amazon prime lite is available for Rs. 999, that is much lower as compared to regular plan of Rs 1499 charged annually . Users can have access for prime sale, amazon prime video- the company’s streaming platform.

iOS users can sign up for a new prime lite plan on the amazon app and android users can sign up on amazon india website. 

Benefits of Amazon Prime Lite Subscription

  1. Amazon prime lite available at Rs. 999 for the 1 year is cheaper as compared to regular plan Rs. 1499 for the 1 year.
  2. Amazon Prime Lite subscribers get the delivery of product purchase from amazon shopping at no additional cost and on the same day or one day delivery. If a user pays Rs. 175 per order additional charge, amazon gives a morning delivery option in that.

Limitation of Amazon Prime Lite Subscription

  1. Amazon prime lite gives access for only 2 devices. 
  2. Amazon prime lite gives only HD resolution whereas regular plan gives ultra HD resolution on compatible devices.
  3. In Amazon prime lite, users can’t skip the ads and also don’t know about the specific details of the duration and frequency of their advertisement.
  4. The Amazon prime lite users can’t access it on a web browser. They need apps iOS and android. 
  5. Amazon prime lite doesn’t give access for amazon prime music, prime gaming,and prime reading.

Vishakha Agarwal

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