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6 common causes of Low Heart Rate

4 years ago

Do you have a heart problem of decreasing heart rate or bradycardia. If yes, then this problem will affect the electrical system of the heart by damaging the heart muscles. The normal heart rate is 60–90 times a minute. At the same time, the heart of people suffering from bradycardia beats 35–40 times in a minute. While in some cases low heart rate is considered normal. Our expert Dr. Dinesh Sehgal (Interventional cardiologist & Director, Cardiology, Sapra Multispecialty Hospital, Hisar) is explaining the common causes of bradycardia.

1. Sinus bradycardia- In this AV node impedes the functioning of electrical impulse i.e. pumping blood. Because of this, the heart rate decreases to 45 beats per minute. In this situation electrical signals pass through the upper part of the heart. But due to the damage done to AV node, there is no beating in the lower part of the heart. Because of this, the speed of the beat gets interrupted.

2. AV node disease – If your AV node is not working at all but the upper chamber or upper chest has a normal heart rate, that is, your heart beats 80 times every minute. While in the lower chamber your heart beats 40 times a minute. So this means that your overall heart rate is low. Similarly, if there is any damage to the AV node, then your heart rate decreases despite being able to beat the muscles of the lower chamber.

3. Complete heart block – In this condition there can be any problem ranging from damage to heart muscle to blockage in the arteries due to coronary problems or heart attack. In some cases, the lower chamber of the heart is not able to beat properly due to a problem in AV node. This can also result in complete heart block, which can be dangerous.

4. Hypothyroidism Decreased levels of thyroid cause bradycardia whereas increased levels of thyroid leads to tachycardia (increase in Heart Beat). It makes the lower chamber beats 40 – 50 times per minute due to the pressure of thyroid hormones on the cyanus node. The treatment of bradycardia in this condition depends on the method of treatment for hypothyroidism.

5. Any Heart disorder present at birth (congenital heart defect) can also cause bradycardia.

6. Medications, including some drugs for other heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure and psychosis can also reduce the heart rate.

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