45 World Famous Fashion Designers

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Fashion is considered to be the most glamorous industry of all times because of its everlasting stature and aesthete.  Be it classic couture or earthy clothing, the top fashion designers anticipate trends, assume risks and come up with out of the box designs. Leading the fashion industry comes at its own risks, which these designers have always overcome with their impeccable innovations and ideas. These spearheaded designers have re-invented the industry and have set in motion a different juncture of fashion for the millennial generation. Their flamboyant styles and impeccable designs are what make them lead the industry. Read on to know about the top 45 fashion designers all over the world.

  • ALBERTA FERRETTI – is widely known for her bold and luxurious creations which also very feminine. Having her own brand named ‘Alberta Ferretti’, her ethereal quality and eclectic designs are what make her the most desirable designers for a number of celebrities.
ALBERTA FERRETTI – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • KATHERINE NOEL SPADE– American-fashion designer and an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the luxury brand ‘Kate Spade’. It has a huge customer base showcasing a wide collection of bags, accessories, and clothing.
KATHERINE NOEL SPADE– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • ALEXANDER MCQUEEN- was a prominent British fashion designer known for his innovation of low- rise jeans. He brought about a revolution in the fashion industry with his controversial yet unconventional styles. Alexander McQueen passed away in 2012.
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • CALVIN KLEIN– is name is synonymous with designer jeans for its minimalistic yet exemplary styles. The brand is known widely for its phenomenal collection of jeans, casual wear, and even perfumes.
CALVIN KLEIN– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  CHRISTIAN DIOR– was one of the legendary fashion designers who changed the face of the fashion industry with his luxurious creations focusing and femininity and women’s fashion.
CHRISTIAN DIOR– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • DOLCE AND GABBANA– Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana are Italian fashion designers widely known for their brand ‘Dolce and Gabbana’. It one of the most prominent labels of the fashion industry owing to its exotic Mediterranean characteristics and unique designs.
DOLCE AND GABBANA– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • GABRIELLE COCO CHANEL– Was one of the most eminent and leading fashion designers who major emphasized simplicity, elegance, and comfort. She was well known for her coming up with the timeless ‘little black dress’ for women.
GABRIELLE COCO CHANEL– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • GIANNI VERSACE– is a revered Italian Fashion designer who is known for its innovative designs such as Medusa head, Greek key, and gold chain design elements. These quintessential ideas were the signature designs of the brand, which made it stand apart from the rest. Donatella Versace, the youngest of the four children, has inherited the company and is Cheif Executive Officer.
GIANNI VERSACE– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • GIORGIO ARMANI– one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time, Giorgio Armani gained prominence due to its minimalistic yet classic designs. Some of his signature designs such as elegant, intricately beaded evening wear introduced comfort along with ensuring 20th-century modernistic style.
GIORGIO ARMANI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  GUCCIO GUCCI– Is widely known for his fine craftsmanship in leather goods which led to his innovation of Bamboo bag, which was inspired by a saddle’s shape. The opulent and beautifully crafted leather accessories top their shopping list as it is desired by almost everybody
GUCCIO GUCCI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • KENZO TAKADA– Became an eminent fashion designer due to his magnificent amalgamation of Japanese influences and high-end European outlook. Their quirky over-the-top runway shows, colorful knitwear, and millennial aesthetics made Kenzo stand apart from the mainstream Parisian fashion hierarchy.
KENZO TAKADA– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • GIANFRANCO FERRE– was a widely known fashion designer because of his immaculate designs and gorgeous feel. He contributed immensely to the fashion industry and earned himself the title’ architect of fashion’. His eclectic and flamboyant gowns, dresses and suits made his creations stand apart from the rest.
GIANFRANCO FERRE– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • KENNETH COLE- Founder of the famous brand, Kenneth Cole, this American brand majorly emphasized affordability combined with comfort and grandeur. He maintained a moderate price range for his high -quality clothing and footwear so as to expand the reach of designer products.
KENNETH COLE– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • LUCIANO BENETTON– The world-famous clothing brand ‘United Colours of Benetton’ was found by hi. He is widely known for creating a perfect blend of Italian style with Global trends. 
LUCIANO BENETTON– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • NINO CERRUTI– Has built an impressive reputation for itself by creating designs that are inspired by a refined legacy, panache, and exotic styles. He founded a firm that specialized in menswear which fused Italian tradition to casual men’s clothing.
NINO CERRUTI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • NORMAN NORELL- He was one of the pioneering designers in the American Fashion Industry and was known as the Father of American High Fashion. His professionally designs elegant gowns, suits, and tailored silhouettes were simplistic yet unique.
NORMAN NORELL– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • ROBERTO CAVALLI- Famous Italian designer who was well-known for his luxurious clothing, classic prints, and flamboyant styles. He is the brain-child behind the sandblasted jeans which became widely popular on a global scale.
ROBERTO CAVALLI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • STELLA MCCARTNEY- Is widely known primarily for her designs which are leather-free and fur-free owing to her being an Animal activist. She is known for her ravishing collections ranging from women to men’s wear, ready-to-wear accessories, perfumes, etc.
STELLA MCCARTNEY– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • THOMAS JACOB HILFIGER- American fashion designer behind the famous fashion brand ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ is known for his classic red, white and blue tag. The brand has gained prominence in the upper-class and casual buyer segment due to its superior quality and luxurious designs.
THOMAS JACOB HILFIGER– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  THOMAS BURBERRY Established the colossal fashion house which is headquartered in London. The palatial fashion brand is accredited with the innovation of trench coats and unique tartan style clothing which became a major fashion statement.
THOMAS BURBERRY– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • CAROLINE HERRERA- Is Venezuelan fashion designer widely known for her immaculate personal style. She is the one who pioneered the iconic taffeta skirt and white buttoned-down shirt which later turned into a fashion statement. Herrera’s work has been lauded by some really influential people such as former presidents and A-list celebrities.
CAROLINE HERRERA– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • CHRISTIAN LACROIX- One such brand which aced in luxury clothing by showcasing distinctive yet grandeur combination of colors and patterns. In 2017, they forayed into the e-commerce segment of marketing in order to directly sell their Haute collections and accessories to the consumers.
CHRISTIAN LACROIX– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  DONNA KARAN- is an acclaimed fashion designer who is accredited for streamlining luxurious New York style to middle-class America. At the same time, she emphasized simplistic yet classic designs she made her stand apart from the rest.
DONNA KARAN– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • ELSA SCHIAPARELLIwas an Italian fashion designer who gained immense popularity due to her renowned couture house in Paris. Owing to her quirky accessories like telephone styled purse and her surreal fashion sense, she became an indispensable part of the fashion industry.
ELSA SCHIAPARELLI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • HUBERT DE GIVENCHYa celebrated French fashion designer who captured global attention for his exquisite couture collection such as coats and ball gowns. He designed for some really influential people including the evergreen British actress ‘Audrey Hepburn’.
HUBERT DE GIVENCHY– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  JEANNE LANVIN– hailing from France, she played an instrumental role in launching the first modern Fashion house in France. Her fascination towards art and antiquity led her to come up with some really quintessential haute couture for men and women.
JEANNE LANVIN– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • KARL LAGERFELD- Is a German Fashion designer, majorly known for his creative contribution to reviving Chanel, the esteemed fashion house of Coco Chanel, and carrying forward its legacy. Lagerfeld is presently the creative director of Chanel, Fendi and his own fashion house.
KARL LAGERFELD – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • MARY QUANT- Hailing from London, she contributed immensely with her innovative and unconventional designs and swayed the fashion style of the 60s. This colossal designer was majorly popularized for her invention of hot pants, mini skirts, and super-high hemlines. 
MARY QUANT– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • MICHAEL KORS- is one of the most renowned French luxury brands under its own label ‘Michael Kors’. Since its establishment in the 1970s, he continually expanded his own brand launching men’s wear, accessories and gained a humongous customer base including Michel Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah among others.
MICHAEL KORS – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • MIUCCIA PRADA- The creative power behind the acclaimed fashion house ‘Prada’, this Italian Fashion designer is best known for impeccable amalgamation of traditional styles with modern outlook with minimalistic designs.
MIUCCIA PRADA– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • OSCAR DE LA RENTA- A Dominican fashion designer, he amongst the first few who pioneered defining elegant attire. It is one of the world’s leading fashion brand known for its phenomenal collection of women’s accessories, bridal wear, fur, and children’s wear.
OSCAR DE LA RENTA – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • PIERRE CARDIN- is accredited with launching high fashion for men. He gained prominence due to his grandeur creations in men’s suit and further began on crafting ready-to-wear collections for women.
PIERRE CARDIN – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • RALPH LAUREN- The American fashion house is well-known for its sportswear line Polo, the backbone of this fashion empire. The eccentric and quirky patterns reflect the personality of the creator which helped gain prominence to the brand.
RALPH LAUREN– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • REI KAWAKUBO- Is amongst the self-taught fashion designers known for her exquisite designs and earned a huge customer base as her creations quite unconventional that also emphasized on comfort and affordability. Her own fashion label ‘Comme Des Garcons’ showcased some classic creations which led to her popularity.
REI KAWAKUBO– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • SALVATORE FERRAGAMO- carved an eminent place for himself by designing high-end footwear for the masses. The Italian designer came to be known as the ‘shoemaker to the stars’ due to his beautifully crafted footwear.
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • SONIA RYKIEL- The French fashion designer earned herself the title ‘Queen of Knitwear’ due to her incredible collection of knitwear. Her emphasis was always on the ‘freedom to be oneself’ and she put this across through her chic and offbeat clothing collection.
SONIA RYKIEL– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • VALENTINO- Is a well-acclaimed Italian Fashion House majorly known for garments in his trademark ‘Valentino Red’ and his fashion style could be traced in line as jet-set chic.
VALENTINO– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • VERA WANG- is a renowned American fashion designer widely known for her impeccable bridal wear as well as evening wear and couture creations which can be seen sported by a number of Hollywood celebs. 
VERA WANG– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  YVES SAINT LAURENT- This European Fashion industry completely revolutionized the fashion scenario back in the 1990s through trailblazing beatnik look of a turtleneck and black leather jackets, sheer blouse, and jumpsuits for women. Saint Laurent now occupies a leading position in the fashion industry and competes with other high-end luxury products.
YVES SAINT LAURENT -World Famous Fashion Designer
  • DIANNE VON FURSTENBERG- The Belgian-American designer came into the limelight due to her iconic wrap dresses and ready-to-wear shoes, handbags and accessories.
DIANNE VON FURSTENBERG– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • EMANUEL UNGARO- The famous fashion designer gained prominence due to his exuberant use of different colors and patterns in his creations. His classic collection of men’s wear and perfumes gained him a huge customer base.
EMANUEL UNGARO- – World Famous Fashion Designer
  • GABY AGHION- The world-famous fashion brand ‘Chloe’ was her invention as was the phrase’ pret-a porter’ which denoted ready-to-wear clothing. Her creations were donned by some really influential people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly’.
GABY AGHION– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • ISSEY MIYAKE- The Japanese fashion designer is known for incorporating technology with clothing which earned him immense fame. He is also known for his humongous range of aquatic floral, woody, lily and carnation scented perfumes.
ISSEY MIYAKE– World Famous Fashion Designer
  •  MARIA NINA RICCI The French designer behind the label ‘Nina Ricci’ gained prominence due to her creations of ladylike and feminine clothing as well as famous perfumes.
MARIA NINA RICCI– World Famous Fashion Designer
  • PIERRE BALMAIN- The founder of the Balmain house of Fashion, this French designer is known for hosting some really influential people. His opulent and gorgeous designs in evening gowns and grandeur wedding dresses helped him gain prominence.
PIERRE BALMAIN– World Famous Fashion Designer

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