40 Places to Visit in Delhi

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Apart from being the national capital of India, Delhi is the hub of fashion, art and cultural heritage. Filled with opulence, this cosmopolitan city has rich vibrancy in each and every aspect. The city has a distinctive character which ensures it provides one of a kind mesmerizing experience to their visitors. The variegated cuisines combined with mystic monuments and enthralling events is the reason why it is on the bucket list of almost everybody, to explore the magnificence of Delhi. Some of the major shopping hubs are Connaught Place, south extension, Kamla Nagar, and much more. Let’s explore the 40 best places to visit in Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan- It is the home to the president of India and signifies national strength and solidarity. Located in the heart of the capital, Connaught Place, this magnificent building depicts the Mughal architecture style

Qutub Minar- one of the most prominent attractions and also a renowned world heritage site, this five-story building is made purely out of marble and red stand-stone

Qutub Minar | Image Source- Google

Lotus Temple- this temple is truly an architectural delight. As name ‘lotus’ suggests, the temple stands as a universal symbol of peace not only by its name but by its lotus shaped architecture as well. 

Lotus Temple | Image Source- Google
  • India gate- this iconic monument is located in the heart of the city and is dedicated to the memory of soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghan war. 
India Gate | Image Source- Google

Akshardham temple- the temple is situated in East Delhi and offers a wide range of experiences such as exhibits, boat rides, water shows, and lush green gardens. 

Akshardham Temple | Image Source- Google
  • Jama Masjid- it is the largest Islamic mosque in the city which gives one the opportunity to experience a whole different culture. It is an iconic landmark of old Delhi and is an important place to worship. 
Jama Masjid | Image Source- Google
  • Chandi Chowk- is considered to be the commercial capital of Delhi. The small narrow streets are bustling with activities from dawn until the wee hours. The leisurely rickshaw is a very prominent tourist activity. 
Chandi Chowk | Image Source- Google
  • Humayun’s Tomb- this UNESCO world heritage houses marble tombs and elaborate Persian art. It holds immense historical relevance along with some exceptional architecture.
Humanyun’s Tomb | Image Source- Google
  • Nehru park- Named after our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the park is spread over a wide expanse of 80 acres and nestled in the center of the city. The park is famous for hosting morning and evening raga concerts. 
Nehru Park | Image Source- Google
  • Red Fort-  the colossal Red Fort represents the turbulent historic nature of India and the Mughal era. It is a prominent UNESCO world heritage site and stands as a symbol of valor and peace. 
Red Fort | Image Source- Google
  • Khan market- one of the most sophisticated and posh shopping plazas, Khan market houses some really high-end and fashion brands and restaurants. The petite bookstores cum cafes which have bloomed here has become a safe haven for readers. 
Khan Market | Image Source- Google
  • National museum- one of the largest museums of India, it is a hub of art, culture, and history. The museums showcase works of art and culture through paintings and sculptures which are said to be over 5000 years old. 
National Musuem | Image Source- Google
  • Jantar Mantar- this astronomical observatory located in Connaught Place depicts exceptional architectural brilliance. The shape of the observatory represents a sundial which, in ancient times was a medium to track the local time zone. 
Jantar Mantar | Image Source- Google
  • National Gallery of modern art- the gallery has been home to numerous magnificent art forms and artists. One will surely feel overwhelmed to witness the exceptional work of renowned artists from across the country, all under one roof. 
National Gallery of Modern Ar | Image Source- Google
  • Mughal gardens- the magnificent greenery positioned in the esteemed presidential house is something one should miss. Known as the soul of the presidential palace, this breathtaking piece of land is home to many attractive wildflowers and birds.
Mughal Garden | Image Source- Google
  • Lodhi garden- the magnificent garden stands as a symbol of national, historical, and architectural values. Along with a few eminent historical structures, the park houses some really exceptional plants and birds. 
Lodhi Garden | Image Source- Google
  • Sarojini nagar Market- this market is a paradise for all the shopaholics out here and is surely on the bucket list of every traveler. Street hawkers can be seen selling an overwhelming amount of clothes, dresses, accessories and whatnot. The market has a few mouthwatering delicacies as well. 
Sarojini Nagar Market | Image Source- Google
  • Dili Haat- popularly known as INA, it a carved a special space in the hearts of Delhites as it houses an array of exciting activities. Music, food, fun and festivals is symbolic of the ambiance of this place which always vibrant. 
Dilli Haat | Image Source- Google
  • ISKCON Temple- The temple is ensconced on the Hare Krishna hills at East of Kailash and witnesses a humongous number of devotees each day contributing to its authenticity and growth. It is on of grandiose centre which preaches humanity and kindness among the masses. 
Iskcon Temple | Image Source- Google
  • Teen Murti Bhawan- Also known as the Buddha Jayanti park, it had assumed great popularity at the present day due to its lush green gardens and vibrant visuals. 
Teen Murti Bhawan | Image Source- Google
  • Okhla bird sanctuary- ensconced over the Yamuna river, the sanctuary is home to over 300 unique species of bird. It is an ideal picnic spot as the picturesque sanctuary will offer you glimpses of some exotic birds as well. 
Okhla Bird Sanctuary | Image Source- Google
  • Purana Qila- is a splendid Mughal architecture situated in New Delhi. The gates which are decorated with white and blue-tiled marbles add to the beauty and aesthetic of the monument.
Purana Qila | Image Source- Google
  • National Zoological Park- the scenic environment of this zoo is home to over 2000 different species of animals and birds. It also has a library, cafeteria, and a serene garden for nature lovers as well. 
National Zoological Park | Image Source- Google
  • Garden of five senses- the garden derives its name from the 5 theme-based park which are present there. The garden is magnificently positioned within the scenic beauty of the surroundings and it also hosts a number of events and festivals. 
Garden of five senses | Image Source- Google
  • Bangla sahib- located in the heart of the city, it is the oldest and most prominent Sikh shrine in India. Langar is served here to the masses every afternoon without any cost which is thoroughly relished by each and every one. 
Bangla Sahib | Image Source- Google
  • Hauz Khas- situated in south Delhi, it is a perfect amalgamation of ancient ruins, tombs, and lakes as well. The fort is perfectly located amidst upscale restaurants and pubs adding a spectacular backdrop. 
Hauz Khas Fort | Image Source- Google
  • Agrasen ki Baoli- ensconced in Central Delhi, it is an ancient well with steps leading down water source. With exceptionally designed architecture with rooms on either side of the well, the mystic Baoli is at present-day considered to be haunted. 
Agrasen Ki Baoli | Image Source- Google
  • Tughlaqabad Fort- far away from the bustling city life, are two large stone structures facing each other located near the Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary. The crumbling ruins depict a sense of valor and lost glamour. 
Tughlaqabad Fort | Image Source- Google
  • Khoni Darwaza- also called the bloody gate is positioned in the heart of Old Delhi. It gained prominence owing to its historical relevance of execution of erstwhile rulers of Delhi. 
Khooni Darwaza | Image Source- Google
  • Tomb of Safdarjung- this exquisite garden tomb was established in 1754 and depicts grandeur Mughal architecture. Though it is not as popular as Humanyun Tomb which is located a few kilometers away, is surely worth a visit and is open to visitors from dusk to dawn.
Safdarjung Tomb | Image Source- Google
  • Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary- this beautiful wildlife sanctuary is home to many exotic birds and mammals. The place is a favorite spot for bird watching especially in the afternoon for Manu Delhites and a number of expeditions are organized from time to time. 
Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Source- Google
  • National Science Centre- the center which is located in New Delhi is one of the largest centers of science in the Asian continent. It a hub for acquiring knowledge related to various processes and is known for hosting numerous exhibitions and seminars. 
National Science Center | Image Source- Google
  • Rajpath- located between the president’s house and the national stadium, it boasts of lush green gardens and architectural designs. The iconic location is further accentuated due to the presence of notable architectural structures surrounding it such as India Gate. 
Rajpath | Image Source- Google
  • Worlds of Wonder- this popular amusement park is located in Noida and offers fun-filled adventure to one and all. There is a humongous range of rides specialists for its visitors which is sure to give an adrenaline rush. It presents one with a massive go-karting track in north India.
Worlds of Wonder | Image Source- Google
  • Jahaz Mahal- situated in Delhi’s Mehrauli area, it is truly a definition of extravagant beauty and architecture. The mahal showcases intricate detailing and refined Islamic art. The monument is positioned near a lake which inspired the name of the iconic monument as renders a magnificent reflection on the lake’s pure water. 
Jahaz Mahal | Image Source- Google
  • National Rail Museum- located in Chanakyapuri, gives an explicit glimpse into the history of India’s railway heritage. Spread over 10 acres, they showcase some really astonishing and splendid facts about railway paraphernalia. 
National Rail Musuem | Image Source- Google
  • Splash the water park- is situated on the outskirts of Delhi is a perfect weekend getaway for a day filled with leisure and adventure. Apart from some adrenaline-pumping rides, this amusement and water park will surely get you nostalgic with their old school activities such as hide n seek.
Splash The Water Park | Image Source- Google
  • Waste to Wonder park- this is a recent addition to the list of attractions in Delhi as it features seven iconic monuments of the world. Located near Nizamuddin railway station, it will leave you awe-struck as the monuments are created from scratch with waste materials only.  
Waste to Wonder Park | Image Source- Google
  • Pragati Maidan- this huge complex-cum exhibition is spread over an expanse of 150 acres is beautifully created with lawns, gardens, and well-paved road. This humongous exhibition center was created by the indigenous talents of India and boasts some of the other prominent attractions as well. 
Pragati Maidan | Image Source- Google
  • Crafts Museum- the national handicrafts is a beautiful fusion of diverse cultures and the refined traditions of our country. Located near the Pragati Maidan, the museum exhibits grandiose facets in handicrafts, textiles, and indigenous decor.
Crafts Musuem | Image Source- Google

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