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Traveling is fun when it is with your other half. Whether it be a honeymoon trip or sneaking away from the usual responsibilities; pampering your loved one is indeed a pleasure you all try to seek.

There are a plethora of places in this world to visit and enjoy with your loved one. Here, we have list some life-changing couple vacation destinations in two categories – domestic and international. The choice is all yours and we are here to help you find the way.


Here are a few of the well – known romantic destinations for couples in India.


One of the beautiful hill stations of India is Munnar located in Kerala. The aroma of tea all around the place due to tea gardens with a romantic air pleases the senses. Munnar stands as a beautiful spot for all couples.  It is famous as a honeymoon couple destination.


Manali- an alluring world which is also an ideal destination for honeymooners is worth the visit. It is located amidst the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Fields full of flowers decorated with thick forests and fruit-laden orchards make it a beautiful visit. There are a number of splendid cottages that offer the mountain view. Adventurous couples could always choose this place because it has several adventure activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping, and whatnot. Do not miss an adventurous romantic trip to the valleys of Manali.


Udaipur is known as the Venice of the East in India. Udaipur stands as a romantic place to visit with your better half. Surrounded by sumptuous Aravalli hills, this is an ideal destination for having generous and kind hospitality as well. With yellow lights across the city creating a warm and soothing atmosphere at night gives you an amazing experience.


Mussoorie is known as ‘Queen of Hills’ lies in the foot of the Himalayas near Dehradun. This is one of the optimistic, hopeful, and beautiful towns in India. This region gives a warm lap of comfort and peace to couples and honeymooners. Couples can visit temples on high valley roads and trek to Laltibba, or take a ropeway to Gun Hill for the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The chilled weather keeps up the romantic mood high.


The southern tip of India also known as Land’s end is a breathtaking place to visit. Kanyakumari attracts several couples every year as it is one of the famous couple destinations in India. This place offers an alluring view of sunrise and sunset over the water, which you would never want to miss. This place also has a number of beautiful places to explore such as Thiraparappu waterfalls, (walking through the upper delta to witness the mesmerizing view of the river flowing is an advantage) Swami Vivekananda Rock and several temples known for its architecture marvels.


The Andaman Islands are still unspoiled by the chaos of urban life. With a variety of resorts and the experience of fine teasing sand on feet while grabbing a cocktail would be an amazing romantic break.


A popular hill station which breathes fresh air groping the mountains is truly an amazing feeling. Walking with your loved one through the route of tea plantations is the key attraction here. You could experience something you never thought about. The ride to toy train that leads you through the green lush tea gardens, orchids is an amazing experience. There is a Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park which is home to a number of an endangered Himalayan wolf, red panda, snow leopards, and many more which also attracts wildlife lovers.



Northeast India has always been magnificent and intimidating. The exotic beauty of the Seven Sisters fall, Mausami Caves is a treat to the eyes. The synonym for the word ‘romantic’ could be this state for sure.


One of the most visited destinations by honeymoon couples in India is Ooty. With the misty atmosphere and chilly weather throughout the year and less crowd is always the best option to relive your love life or start anew. Botanical Gardens and Cardamom plantations are the beautiful attractions here.


There are lands far away from your native country which is also an obvious checklist to go for.


Bruges is known as the ‘Venice of the North’ and also said to be one of the fairy tales of the medieval world. An ancient touch with attractive canals and cobbled streets makes it a beautiful paradise. Old Prague house in the town is affordable for accommodations.

Famous romantic destination
Famous romantic destination


Splendid and breathtaking mountains and coastal scenarios make this land heaven. Dramatic landscapes promise an aspiring mood and give an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one.

Famous romantic destination
Famous romantic destination


In Italy lies Cinque Terre, a unique place hidden amidst the mountains and the Mediterranean sea on the northern coast. The landscape of this region has a steep cliff dropping down to the sea. Mountains enveloped by olive gardens create a mesmerizing view. Hiking trails, swimming, charming beaches, and many more attractive activities make this place a hotspot destination to visit with your better half.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


Kyoto is known to be the most fascinating and romantic destination for couples. Kyoto Botanical Gardens are full of colourful landscapes. This is a recommended place for all lovers.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


The Maldives is one of the romantic lands surrounded by water sources. The rich, white sand beaches and crystal clear water with an intimidating view are breathtaking. Choosing the Maldives as a vacation destination is the best choice for a break from the usual reality.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


You could experience a fairytale life, the beautiful and famous fairytale ‘Disney’s Sleeping Beauty by visiting the Neuschwanstein castle. It is like an illustration come true. You could visit this place at any time of the year and leave with astounding and amazing memories.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


The soothing and exciting view right after you reach this place is unexplainable. Bora Bora is considered to be a popular region among the brides and grooms for destination weddings. The pleasant atmosphere, crystal clear water and sandy beaches are all the ravishing features of the place.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


The aura this place generates is beyond explanation. A unique adventure filled with fascination, comfort, and romance is what Iceland offers. Northern Lights, an enormous natural creation never disappoint any couple who have visited this place.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


Among the romantic Greek islands, Santorini is one popular destination. It is also said to be a popular honeymoon destination and is a must-visit place once in a lifetime.

Famous romantic destination
Romantic Destination in the World


Last but not the least, Paris is the ideal famous destination for lovers. Paris is the ‘City of Love’ steals all the attention with its beautiful streets. Roaming around the tree-lined Champs – Elysees with your partner to Arc de Triomphe is a beautiful pleasure. Apart from Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, Pont des Arts are also known as a famous place for lovers. Also, the quaint view of Ile de la Cite with street musicians makes up the romantic vibe and mood for couples. The Wall of I Love You’s created by Frederick Baron and Claire Kito in Paris has ‘I Love You’ written in 250 different languages. This place is indeed an ideal destination for couples.

Famous romantic destination

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