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17 famous food of Sikkim

3 years ago

Sikkim is an Indian state bordered by three countries, namely Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. Nepal and Tibet have greatly influenced the Sikkim cuisine. The blend of three cultures has amazingly affected Sikkim cuisine. Sikkim food is simple and delicious in its way. Maize is the staple food of Sikkim. Sikkim offers plenty of food options for one to enjoy. Let’s check out the best food in Sikkim to satiate your taste buds. 

17 famous food of Sikkim – 

Gundruk Soup – Gundruk soup has its origin in Nepal but one of the staple foods of Sikkim. Gunduk soup is a fermented vegetable soup made from leaves of mustard, cabbage, or radish. Sikkim people make this dish in an earthen pot. The soup is rich in roughage and helps in maintaining the metabolism of the body. 

Food of Sikkim
Food of sikkim |Gundruk Soup

Sinki Soup – Sinki Soup is a traditional dish of Sikkim very similar to Gundruk soup but is made from radish taproots only. These radish roots are chopped and put into a hole covered with and straw. This then covered with vegetation and mud for about a month for bacteria to do its action.  Then it is dried under the sun and can be kept for a year to be used in stews and soups. It can also be applied as a pickle and eaten with parathas.

food of sikkim
Food of sikkim | Sinki Soup

Sael Roti – Sael Roti is originated in Nepal and Tibet, but quite popular in Sikkim as well. It is the fried bread that is served along with Potato Curry. For its preparation, water and rice are mixed to form a paste. Then deep-fried to perfection in boiling oil. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Sael roti

Momos – Sikkim, and Momos are interconnected to one another. Momos originated in Tibetan and modulated by Nepalese and then become the lifeline of Sikkim. It is a small steamed bun with vegetable fillings. The filling can be other than vegetables like ground meat. These dumplings are made of white flour dough. To enhance the texture of the momos, yeast or baking soda is also added to the dough. 

food of sikkim , kashmir
Food of sikkim | Momos

Thukpa – Thukpa is the dish that is originated by Tibetan people. It is a kind of noodle soup in which you can find vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cauliflower, and celery, as well as chicken. 

food of sikkim

Thenthuk – Thenthuk is also originated in Tibet but mostly eaten in Sikkim. It is the form of Noodle soup made of vegetables, meat or mutton, and wheat flour. To make it spicy, chili powder is used by some people. 

food of sikkim

GyaKho – GyaKho is the Tibetan cuisine that is adopted by Sikkim because of its amazing taste. It is called Chimney soup that is served in the bowl resembling a chimney. It is cooked over coal with a lot of delightful ingredients in it. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Gyakho

Chaang – Chaang is a traditional drink of Limbu people of Eastern Nepal and also known as Thomba. It is the fermented form of Millet and yeast. It is the local beverage that is served in and sipped with bamboo pie. It is one of the most amazing drinks in Sikkim.  

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Chaang

Chhurpi – Churpi is the most delicious cheese in Sikkim. It is available in both hard and soft versions. The hard cheese is made from Yak’s milk and is of brown or white color and sweet in taste. The soft cheese is made from milk of cow, goat, or yak. It is tangy in taste. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Chhurpi

Phagshapa – Phagshapa is the Sikkim dish that is rich in proteins and made of no oil. It is a strip of pork fat that is cooked with dry chilies.

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Phagspaha

Sha Phaley – Shah Phaley is the dish that contains bread, meat, and deep-fried stuff. In this, bread is stuffed with ground beef and cabbage and made into semi-circles, then deep-fried. It is the traditional dish of Sikkim and the most famous dish of Gangtok.  

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Sha Phaley

Kinema – Kinema is the dish that is not popular only in Sikkim but also in Nepal and Darjeeling. It is a dish that is made of soya beans. Soya beans are boiled and fermented to get a sticky texture. This dish is high in antioxidants and low in fat. 

Food Of sikkim | Kinema

Dal Bhat – Dal Bhat is the traditional dish of Nepal that is a combination of boiled rice and lentil soup. In many parts of India, it is also known as Dal Chaawal. It is the everyday dish of Sikkim people that is served with vegetable curry or meat and chutney. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Dal Bhat

Dhindo – Dhindo is the dish that is consumed daily in Sikkim. It is made by boiling water poured in buckwheat, ground millet, or cornflour. By continuously stirring this mixture, a sticky paste is formed. The paste is rolled into balls and served with lentil soup or chutney. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Dhindo

Shimi Ko Achar – ShimikoAchar is the local dish of Sikkim that is made of the string bean. String bean is the local vegetable named Shimi. In this, sliced green chili and lemon juice adds the spicy and sour flavor to the string beans. It is served with the Sael roti. 

Food Of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Shimi Ko Achar

Kodo Ko Roti – Kodoko Roti is the Nepali cuisine which is adapted by Sikkim as their local food. In this, Finger Millet is the main ingredient that is used to make the pancake. It is served with varieties of pickles. 

Kodo ko roti
Food of sikkim |Kodo Ko Roti

Jaanr – Jaanr is one of the traditional beverages of Sikkim. It is available in different varieties as BhaateJaanr, MakaikoJaanr, GahunkoJaanr, SimaltarulkoJaanr, and JahunkoJaanr. The name of all the Jaanr varies to the usage of raw material like maize, barley, wheat, etc. 

Food of sikkim
Food Of sikkim | Jaanr

All these are the best food of Sikkim that must be on your menu whenever you visit Sikkim.

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