10 top bodybuilders in India

2 years ago

You might think that bodybuilding is a new sport but bodybuilding is an ancient sport in India that was introduced in the early ’90s.

The Indian bodybuilding has its origin in 1100AD and by 1500AD it became the national passion. In ancient times in India, stones and bags of sand were used for weight training. There was no fancy equipment that existed at that time. Only the popular equipment was made with rough stone with a hole through the center named as ‘NAL’.

In the 19th century, professor K. Iyer of Mysore owes a larger share of bodybuilding in India. He started his Hercules gym in Banglore in 1930 and trained around 25000+ people through this gym. This gym has an important role in Indian bodybuilding history

After that, many Indian people inspired by him and make a move toward bodybuilding and made India proud.

Here is the list of 10 Indian bodybuilders who prove their mettle in bodybuilding. 


Murli Kumar was born in Chennai is a south Indian dubbing artist. He used his voice for supporting Tamil actors including Jackie chain.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Murli Kumar

His passion was not to become a voice artist but also he never thought that one day he becomes the Indian bodybuilding icon.  He started lifting weights at the age of 25. Today, he has won Mr. India title from the past consecutive years (2013 and 2014). He also played an Asian bodybuilding championship held in Vietnam in 2012. All this specialty makes him the top Indian bodybuilder.


Sangram chougule was born on 28 Dec. 1979. He is a Kolhapur based Indian bodybuilder but now lives in Pune. He won the Mr. Universe title at WBPF world championship in 2012 and 2014 in the 85 kg weight category. Sangram won the many other big titles like Mr. India 6  times and Mr. Maharashtra 5 times.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Sangram chougle


Suhas khamkar full name is SUHAS MADHUKAR KHAMKAR, born in the family of bodybuilders and fitness experts in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He was born on August 9, 1980.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Suhas kumar

He had won the title of Mr. India 10 times and Mr. Maharashtra  8 times. Suhas became the first Indian bodybuilder who won the title of Mr. Asia in 2010. He got the entry in Pro-kart Olympia with the support of SHERU ANGUISH and won the title of Mr. Amateur Olympia champions of champion in 2018.


Yatinder Singh is a multi-talented person. He is an Indian bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness icon. He had won the silver medal in the 7th world bodybuilding physique championship 2015 and Mr. India 2016.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Yatinder singh

He is from Saharan, Uttar Pradesh, India. He started his bodybuilding journey in 2001 and won his first championship in 2002.


Rajendra mani was born in 1974 in Chennai, India. He is an Indian bodybuilder and has worked for INDIAN AIR FORCE in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. He has a nickname called INDIAN SUPER HULK because of his passion for bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Rajendera Mani

He served INDIAN AIR FORCE for 15 years and after that, he put his attention totally on bodybuilding. He won several medals at the national and international levels. Rajendra got the title of Mr. India 14 times, 3 times Mr. World champion and 3 times Mr. Asia champion and at the domestic level, he won more than 10 gold medals.


Boby was born on 1 Feb 1975 in Manipur, India. He is an Indian bodybuilder who won his first Mr. World title in 2010 in the bodybuilding championship in Varanasi and continuously represents India. Boby has won 3 times Mr. South Asia, 5 times Mr. Asia, 8 times Mr. world and 12 times Mr. India titles in his career. Boby started taking part in bodybuilding championships in 1995, and after that, he keeps on winning titles.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India |Arambam Boby


It was a very proud moment for Delhi when a boy Wasim khan wins international bodybuilding and fitness federation (IBFF) for continuously 3 years in 2015, 2016, 2017. He also won Mr. Universe title in 2014 and has also got 5th position in Olympia amateur championship in Las Vegas.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Wasim Khan


Thakur Anoop Singh was born on 23 March 1989. He was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Professionally he is an Indian actor. He played even in Mahabharata as a Dhritarashtra in 2013. In 2015 he represents India and won the gold medal in bodybuilding championship in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the most versatile bodybuilder of India as he is a pilot, actor, and a  bodybuilder. 

Bodybuilders in India | Thakur Anoop Singh


AmitChhetri is born in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India. Professionally, he serves for the Indian government as a police constable. He won the title of Mr. India in 2016 in his weight category. He participated in Fairfax World Police Fire Games in 2015 in Virginia. He is known as India Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Amit Chhteri


Varinder Singh Ghuman is born in Punjab, India. The most unique thing about him is that he is vegetarian. He got the title of Mr. India in 2009 and Mr. Asia in the year 2012. He is the first Indian bodybuilder who got the pro card in IFBB ( INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF BODYBUILDING. He even enacted in a few Punjabi and Bollywood movies ( marjaavaan).    

Bodybuilders in India
Bodybuilders in India | Varinder Singh ghuman

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