10 Really Funny Short Stories

3 years ago

Are you feeling bored and exhausted? And your mood is not that good?

Well, it’s common that sometimes our day is not that good, we feel awful and everything seems unpleasant.

But you no longer need to be sad because we are gonna bring an extreme laughter on your face and cracked you up with these really funny short stories:

1). The father talked to their children and what happened after that is hilarious

A man called his son and asked him ,      ”  Me and your mother are taking divorce .” It has been 40 years since our marriage and now we no longer want to live together.” His son got angry  and prohibited him from taking any step like this. He hung up the call and told his sister all the matter on call. She immediately called her father and burst at him. She strictly asked him not to do anything like this , she and her brother were coming the next day and then they would solve the matter and cut the call. The man turned to his wife and said they are coming for the Thanksgiving ceremony!!

2). A lady and a police officer

A lady was driving the car at high speed. The police officer saw her and stopped her car. He accused her for   “speeding”. But she refused that she wasn’t. He said he saw her. The police officer asked her to show her driving licence. She said her license was confiscated by police as she was caught drunk three times. He said ok then show your car papers. She said ,”I’ve not  as this car is not mine. I’ve stolen it and murdered its owner and put his dead body in the trunk . The Police officer gestured to his other force unit and they surrounded that lady’s car. They opened the trunk , searched thoroughly but found nothing . The Headofficer came to her and asked for car papers. She showed him the papers . Then he asked her for a driving license. She put her hand in her back pocket and took out her driving license. The Headofficer then explained to her that his officer said ,” you haven’t a driving license and not car papers. You have stolen the car , killed the owner and put his body in the trunk.” 

She replied ,”didn’t he say I was “speeding” too!!”

3).  A clever boy and a lady

Once a boy was travelling in an aeroplane . A lady was sitting beside his seat. The boy indulged in playing video games. The lady interrupted him in between to ask a question. But he refused and started playing again. She calls him up again but he refuses this time also. Then she said ,”if i can’t answer your question I’ll give you 500$ and if you can’t answer mine you have to give me 5$.” This grabbed the boy’s attention and he became ready to play that game. Firstly the lady asked him the question which he didn’t know so he gave her 5$. Now the boy asked her ,” what’s that which climbs up the hill with three hands and comes down with four.” The lady thought a lot about it. She searched it all in the books, asked through surroundings etc. Then at last she gave him 500$. The boy again started playing video games. She asked him for the answer but he gave her 5$ and indulged in playing again.

4). A father and a lie detector robot

One day a father brought a lie detector robot to his home. 

He asked his son what  he was doing today  in his friend’s home ? The son said he was studying at his friends house .The robot slapped him.

He said ,”Ok, I accept , I was playing a video game there with my friend.”

The father said, “When he was at his child’s age , he used to study a lot , he wasn’t like this.”

The robot slapped him too!!

His mother laughed and said ,” he is your son, afterall.”

The robot slapped the mother!!

5). A Gorilla and a lion

Once a Gorilla dies in the zoo. The zoo owner became worried about his ticket sale now. He asked a man to wear the dress of Gorilla and pretend to be the Gorilla in the zoo. The man agreed to him and he converted into a Gorilla.

To impress the viewers he climbed over the tiger’s cage but unfortunately he fell down. He started crying loudly. Then the lion came near to him and whispered to him,” stop it!! Unless we both have to lose our job.”

6). A barber and a clever boy

A young boy enters the barber shop. The barber whispers to his customer,” He is the dumbest kid ever in the world. Watch while I show it to you.”

The barber put one dollar in his one hand and two quarters in others. He placed them before the boy and asked him, ” which one do you want?” The boy takes the quarter and leaves.

The barber said to his customer ,” what did i tell you, the kid never learns!”

After the customer leaves, the barber sees the same boy coming out of the ice cream store. 

The barber goes to him and asks, ” why do you always choose quarters instead of dollars.?”

The kid replies , ” because the day I take the dollar, the game will be over!”

7). An old lady and a doctor

A lady was suffering from some health issue so one day she visited a doctor. She explains her problem to the doctor.

The doctor says to her, ” you are pregnant.” The lady shocks and runs out of the hospital.

The other doctor asks him ,” what the hell did you say to her, she is 69, how can she be pregnant?”

The doctor said, ” yes, but the hiccups stopped”

9). An old man and his wife

One day an old man and his wife go to a restaurant. They order a burger and French fries. When their order comes, the old man receives it. He divides the burger in equal half parts and places it before his wife. Then he counts the French fries and places the half of it in front of his wife. Then they put the cold drink in the middle and sip  it alternatively. The other people in the surrounding observe what they are doing. They think that they are very poor and don’t even have money to buy two meals. A man goes to them and offers them to buy another meal for them. But they refused by saying they always eat like this by sharing. The old man still continues eating. The man feels bad and he again goes to them and asks to help but they again refuse. The old man completes his food but the lady still hasn’t started eating. The man goes to her and asks,” why are you not eating, what are you waiting for?”

The old lady replies,” for the teeth.”

9). A boy and the girl at mall

A girl went to the mall with her mother for shopping. Her mother left her alone in the grocery department and went for some stuff in another department. A guy started hitting her there. She said to him,” sorry, I’m lesbian.”

The boy said,” oh! I’m sorry I thought you were a boy.”

10). A wan driver

A passenger tapped his hand on the cab’s driver shoulder to tell him something. The driver screamed, lost control of the car , almost hit a bus , went up to the footpath and stopped centimetres away from a shop”.

For a second everything was still in the cab. The cab driver said to the man , ” don’t ever do that again, you scared the hell out of me!”

The passenger apologized and said,“I don’t know that just tapping on your shoulder will threaten you so much.”

The driver replied, ” sorry, it’s not your fault.”

Today is my first day as a cab driver, I’ve been driving a funeral cab for the last 28 years.

Charu Narang

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