10 countries suitable to travel for Vegetarians

10 countries suitable to travel for Vegetarians

1 year ago

For wanderers visiting countries globally is lust but for vegetarians wanderlust, international travel can be a cause of disappointment in the event of food. Vegans and vegetarians are destined to eat nuts, berries, or other weird stuff on their tour through non-vegetarians feast on flesh. In some countries being vegan can be hard but roads offer some adventure and nice surprises. In this post, we are going to discuss some top countries suitable for vegetarians and vegans to visit.

In the past few years, travel for vegetarians and vegans become quite easier as pure vegetarian restaurants and food joints can be found almost in every country.  So let’s start with the top 10 countries that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians to visit and explore.


The vegan products in England are more than in any other country. So, comparing to any other European country it is quite easy to travel for a vegan in the UK. Only a small disappointment remains that some non-veg restaurants offer meat dishes in the budget but vegetarian dishes costly. Even the veggie pasta dish is so expensive that one can do better at home than that. Some restaurants even offer some vegan dishes and if you are close to London you can find a mini vegan menu also. The capital city also offers veg burgers and other junk food for the delight of vegetarians.

Some people have the image in mind that most of the restaurants in the UK offer fish and chips but this is the country of pies and marmite. Some countries hold their culture and cultural dishes very close but England is the country which embraces the traditional dishes. In the UK, you can find pleasant Indian, Chinese, French, Italian and Mexican food. Fewer people there are vegans so it is not common to get your food free of all types of meat and dairy products.


Pasta and pizza in Italy are famous in the whole world. The taste of Italian dishes is unique and you can find exotic dishes in unusual places in this country. The vegetarian population in Italy is the highest in Europe. As per a survey, more than 10% of people in Italy had switched to a purely vegetarian diet. If you are a vegetarian then you will surely feel comfortable in restaurants in Italy. Italian chefs give respect to vegetables, even in meat dishes you can see the addition of seasonal vegetables with a savor. There are food joints that do not support the vegan movement but they can provide you with some delicious vegetarian dishes.


India is the best country to travel for vegetarians though consumption of meat is going high in India still, it is a paradise for vegetarians. In south India, meat-eaters are less than east or north India. Masala dosa, uttapam, and vada are common dishes that are easily available and are friendly on the pocket too. In North India, paneer dishes are quite common and tasty but they will not be fit for vegans. Vegans can have a variety of tasty snacks like samosa, kachori, veg biryani, sweets, etc.

Because of the cultural beliefs of Indians, finding a vegetarian’s diet in India is not difficult but becoming vegans is another story. It is difficult to find restaurants free of dairy products, especially in rural areas. The number of vegetarian dishes you find in India is more than you find in the remaining world. One of the top flavored and diversified food options on this planet can be found by tourists.               


Thinking about countries suitable to travel for vegetarians, one can’t easily think of Taiwan in the list but Taiwan has the third-largest population of vegetarians in the world. PETA has praised Taiwan for being a vegetarian-friendly country. 10 to 13% of the Taiwan population is vegetarian and others mostly stick to a vegetarian diet once a week or twice a month. The vegetarian diet is common in Taiwan because 1/3rd of the population believes in Buddhism.

The government there encourages its people to have a meat-free day at least once a month. With some of the toughest food labeling processes present in the world, there is very little chance of having a meat product in Taiwan accidentally. Capital city Taipei has the fastest-growing vegan food options in the world.


With the influence of its neighboring countries like India, China, Malaysia, the food courts of Indonesia are a paradise for vegans. Capital city Bali is vegan friendly and the food you can find in Indonesia is fresh and tasty. We are not vouching for the whole country but at least Bali is the place where you can have some of the yummiest vegan dishes on this planet. Dishes and restaurants here are trendy and vibrant and are in 1/3rd in price if you compare in dollars.


Singapore is a small nation, compared to LA (Los Angeles) it is half the size but voted by PETA for Asia’s 2nd most vegan country after Taiwan. In the size, it is 1/3rd of New York, but still, you can find more than thousands of vegan restaurants, an impressive feat, I must say. You can find some delicious vegan food options in central Switzerland but don’t hesitate to taste diverse food options inspired by western, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.


We know seeing Germany in the list of countries fit for vegans and vegetarians is a complete surprise. Well, your surprise is not in vain as we all know more than 1500 different types of sausages can be found in this country. Most of the Germans eat as much meat in an average year as their weight. Millions of people in this country are vegetarians. So, don’t worry that you have to pass your time in Germany by drinking only German beer although it is still a wonderful option if you include it. Germany is the hub of the vegan movement in Europe. The country which is famous for its meat vending machine is now becoming a center for vegan food options. Berlin has understandably most vegan restaurants as compared to other small towns but you will marvel at this basic point that even rural areas of Germany have more vegan options than some of the other countries of Europe.


Israel is the world leader in providing vegetarian meals. Their capital Tel Aviv is now known as the capital of the vegan world. The major point is no other country is opposing that. Most of the country big names in the food industry has made a separate menu for vegans and even McDonalds there has also launched some of his burgers in vegan options. Israel has become a testing ground for companies ready to test vegan food options. Their products like hummus, falafel, and salads are already familiar to the world.


America has one of the lowest vegetarian rates in the world and is at the top on the list of countries consuming meat. Still, you will find some good veg dining options available. According to Forbes in the last 3 years, a rise of 600% of the population of vegan people has been seen in the country. In reaction to this new trend, vegans and vegetarian food options are exploding everywhere in America. In the bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas you can find hundreds of vegan food joints. Menus of some of the local restaurants are so creative that even meat-eaters are going there to have a try of a plant-based meal. Some of the international food brands and big names in the food chain business are now providing veg burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast options.


Canada follows the US in almost everything and by the same process, plant-based food items are becoming common in Canada also. Food options are diverse here but asking for food without any type of meat or cheese on it can result in a different stare from restaurant staff. The lack of meat-free options is covered by mixing other countries’ cuisines in the menus by some of the famous restaurants. You can have more tasty Mexican food in Canada than in Mexico, in the manner of speaking. There is still a lack of vegan awareness but a vegan tourist can easily have a happy movement in Canada.

Canada is surely not famous for its vegetarian diets but it has earned its place in our list of top 10 countries fit for vegetarians and vegans. As Canada is home to many Indians so you will find vegetarian menus in restaurants in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Some restaurants are dedicated veg restaurants where you can find any dish from the menu to have a food adventure without fear of having meat in your meal.

So this was the list of top 10 countries fit for vegetarians and vegans based on our survey and reviews of tourists. The ranking of countries is based on our personal experience and local guidance.

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