Bugatti Chiron sets the new world record of fastest car.

4 years ago

Bugatti is a sports car manufacturing company which well known for its high-end record-breaking cars. Bugatti cars have broken many records and set the new records for other sports car manufacturing company.

Now, again the Bugatti company has set the new record of the fastest produced car in the world “The Bugatti Chiron”.

Chiron is an astonishing car by Bugatti. Chiron has set the new record of the fastest car in the world. The modified Buggati Chiron has set the new record of 490KMPH (300 MPH). Also, it has become the world’s first hypercar, which has a speed of more than 480KMPH (300 MPH). Bugatti Chiron has done this feat in Germany.

Talking about the interior, the second passenger seat of this 2-seater hypercar has been removed. A computer system has been given in its place. Apart from this, a new safety seat has been installed for the driver. Also, more arrangements have been made for driver safety.

This special Bugatti Chiron has 8.0 litres, Quad Turbo, W16 Engine. This engine generates the power of 1,578 bhp. Comparing to standard Chiron this Chiron has more 100 bhp. However, the all-wheel-drive system and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission provided in it the standard model.

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