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Some ways to enjoy Diwali festival without crackers

1 year ago

Diwali represents the festival of lights and spreads love everywhere. Human beings spread love and lit the lamp of peace and humanity.  Diwali is associated with lightening of earthen lamps, candles, distribution of sweets, family get together and crackers. If we look into the present condition of the environment, then only one thing that seems to be harmful during Diwali is burning crackers. Bursting crackers have been a major part of Diwali celebrations. But we all must know the adverse effects of crackers on the environment which is causing breathing difficulties for many, and apart from this it also causes severe burn injuries too if not handled properly.

Diwali is a means of rejoicing with your loved ones, and that can be achieved even without firecrackers. Here are some ways that you can enjoy the Diwali without burning firecrackers.

1. Buy special gifts for loved ones: No doubt everybody buys something for their loving relatives but it is advisable not to spend money on crackers and that spared amount of money and time to invest in buying something special for them.

2. Spend time with those who are poor: Celebrate the festival with those who are not having all the resources and money for the festival. Spread happiness in the form of sweets, diyas, toys, and clothes to underprivileged children so that they can also celebrate the festival of lights.

3. Visit your loved ones: Visit your loved ones, friends, and relatives home where you have not gone since long and do enjoy with them. Family and friends time is the best time to rejoice and for festival celebration. A short family trip can be planned and it can be much more enjoyable than burning crackers.

4. Enjoy delicious home-made dishes: Festivity season is incomplete without delicious dishes and relishable sweets. Help out your family in cooking special feast and sweets and enjoy the festival.

So, plan your celebration in a good way to have a meaningful festival.

Seema Jain

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