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Ramnivas Rara’s victory is my victory: Savitri Jindal

1 year ago

Hisar 08 October: Former Minister Smt. Savitri Jindal reached the election office of congress candidate Ramnivas Rara at Green Square Market today.  On this occasion, he gave open support to Ramnivas Rara and said that Ramnivas Rara is in the strongest position from Hisar Assembly and his victory will be my victory.  Therefore, the people of Hisar sent him to the Legislative Assembly with an overwhelming majority and contribute to the development of Hisar.  On this occasion, he was accompanied by former Municipal Corporation Mayor Shakuntala Rajaliwala, President of the Board of Trade Bajrang Das Garg, former Senior Deputy Mayor D.N.  Saini, Jagmohan Mittal, Praveen Jain, Sushil Parshad and Pradeep Sithra.

 Savitri Jindal said that the people of Hisar Legislative Assembly are remembering the good governance of the Congress and want Congress government in the state again and there is a wave of change in the entire state.  He said that the people of Hisar city should contribute to the development of Hisar by making hardworking and sociable candidates like Ramnivas Rara victorious.

 Ramnivas Rara thanked Smt. Savitri Jindal and all others by saying “if I have people’s blessings, cooperation, and support with me, victory is certain.  He said that wherever he has gone for public relations in Hisar Assembly constituency, there is a wave of anger among the people about the present government. The BJP government has cheated people and has not lived up to their promises.  There is resentment among the people that in the last five years, the MLA has left the city of Hisar and people are craving for basic amenities.

 At the same time, angry with the statement of the Chief Minister, two former heads of Brahmin Sabha Prithvi Singh Ghiraiya and Darshan Kaushik have given their open support to Ramnivas Rara.  He said that he gives full support to Ramnivas Rara and will work to defeat the BJP by uniting the people of the society.

 On this occasion, Trilok Agarwal, Kanta Goel former councilor, Jagdish Jindal, Ramkumar Beejwala, Vinay Gupta, Chhatrapal Soni, Manoj Goel, Rohit Jindal, Ajay Jindal, Monu Goyal, Ashok Garg, Sushil Sharma Councilor, Bunty Mittal Councilor, Rohshan Mittal,  Pradeep Kohli, Rahul Singla, Krishna Saini, Pradeep Kumar, Anil Kaushik, Ramphal Shillay, Ajay Bhardwaj, Pankaj Aggarwal, Bharat Singh Saini Former Head Saini Sabha, Subhash Bharti,  many people including Dharampal Sivach reached his office in support of Ramnivas Rara.

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