How to convert your dreams into reality? A seminar for the students of Hissar

2 years ago

Transform- PCCP Division Academy a venture of Ours Academy bring “Goal Setting Seminar ” on 29th September for the students of Hisar

In a talk with Dr.Pooja Grover the Academic Head of Transform she says that Goal Setting is very important in students life. Goals prepare the students for adulthood through goal setting students learn the hard work and good habits are almost the key to success. Because of this they discover a level of respect for the dedication and determination required to achieve further important goals in life. Goals are the oxygen to our dreams. They are the first step to every journey we take and are also the last. It is very important to realize the significance and importance of goal setting and apply this knowledge in your life. Every student should participate in this seminar as “Begin with an end in mind –  Stephen Covey

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