How Lockdown is different from Curfew

5 days ago

The coronavirus outbreak is increasing every day in the country. The cases of corona are steadily increasing due to the fast-spreading infection.

Janata curfew was imposed from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22 March on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deal with the coronavirus. All state governments followed and supported the Janata curfew. At the same time, some states announced the lockdown on Sunday evening.

Around 75 districts of the country have also been locked down. The Punjab government has imposed a curfew. After all, what does a lockdown mean and how it would be different from the curfew. Here’s the difference between curfew and lockdown.

What is curfew?

When curfew is imposed in any area, people are ordered to stay in homes for up to a deadline. The administration imposes curfew only in emergency situations. Under the administrative order in curfew, peoples are not allowed to get outside their homes. All Schools, colleges, markets are also closed during the curfew. All public transport also remains closed in this period. The government imposes section 144 during the lockdown in which gathering of more than 4 people is not allowed.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency arrangement put in place to isolate people. People are instructed to stay in an area or in a building at the time of lockdown and are prohibited from leaving. In Lockdown also section 144 is imposed. Exit from the place is allowed only for essential things or in an emergency situation.

Necessary facilities continue during the lockdown, but it also depends on the administration which services it wants to continue. If seen, banks, markets, hospitals, vegetable shops, dairy, etc. are kept open. If someone is in need of medicines or food and drink, one can get out. Most public transport also remains closed in this period. Whereas all these things are banned during the curfew period.

What is the penalty that can be imposed on breaking Section 144?

A case can be registered against any person who has been illegally involved in the riots. And can also be arrested for a maximum of 3 years for this.

Difference between Lockdown and Curfew

Both curfew and lockdown are imposed in different conditions. The difference between the two is the services maintained by the administration. If there are riots or violence in an area, the administration imposes a curfew to control the situation.

During the curfew, essential services like markets and banks remain locked. When curfew is relaxed only then people get the benefit of all these services. Whereas, the required services in lockdown are not stopped or closed. As in our country at the moment, Lockdown has been done in many states and cities of the country, but shops and banks are open for dairy, essential goods.

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