Hindi Diwas 2019: Read why Hindi Diwas is made

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Hindi day is celebrated every year on 14 September. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly decided with one vote that Hindi will be the official language of India. To propose the importance of this important decision and to propagate Hindi in every region, on the request of Rajbhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha, from September 1953 on 14 September every year in India is celebrated as Hindi-day. There is also a fact that 14 September 1949 was the 50th birthday of Rajendra Sinha, a pioneer of Hindi, who struggled for a long time to make Hindi the national language. After the attainment of independence, businessman Rajendra Sinha tried tirelessly to bring Hindi as a national language, with writers like Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupta, Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Mahadevi Verma, Seth Govinddas etc. Due to this, he also made many trips to South India and celebrated the people of India.


In the year 1918, Gandhiji had asked to make the Hindi language a national language in Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. It was also called by Gandhiji as the language of the people.

In the year 1949This decision was taken after much deliberation on the question of the national language of independent India on 14 September 1949, which is described in section 343of chapter 17 of the Indian Constitution as follows: The national language of the union will be Hindi and the script Devanagari. The form of the numerals used for state purposes of the Union shall be international.

This decision was taken on September 14, the same day was the 50th birthday of the Hindi literary writer Vyauhar Rajendra Sinha, which is why this day was considered the best for Hindi Day. However, when it was chosen and implemented as the national language, people from non-Hindi speaking states started opposing it and English too had to be given the status of official language. Due to this, the English language started to influence in Hindi also.

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