High B.P. is a silent killer- Dr. Dinesh Sehgal

1 year ago

Among every 10 individuals, one dies from High blood pressure and its consequences.

When the pressure of blood increases above the normal level, it is termed as High blood pressure. If B.P. of a person always remains above the limit of 140/90 mm Hg, the person is termed to have high blood pressure and it is mandatory for him to consult the cardiologist as early as possible.

SMS Hospital is celebrating Hypertension week from 14th to 21st May because 17th May is termed as World Hypertension day. In respect of that, a press conference was held at Sapra Multispeciality hospital in which Dr. Dinesh Sehgal, (Senior cardiologist at SMS Hospital) told about the consequences of Hypertension and how it has become a major reason of deaths nowadays. It’s a lifestyle-related issue which increases with poor or irregular eating habits, obesity, smoking, drinking, mental stress, and idealness. If we look at the Statistics, approx. 180 crore individuals suffer from High blood pressure problem. 50% of people are unaware of the general symptoms like headache, dizziness and sleeping issues of hypertension.

Improvement in lifestyle like proper and healthy eating habits, less use of salt (1gm per day), 30-45 minutes of regular exercise, quit smoking and drinking habits can save a person from the risk of getting a heart attack, heart failure, and paralysis.

Persons who are above 50 years are recommended to have regular checkups with their doctor so that chances of getting heart issues can be reduced.

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