Facebook fined $2.3 million for beaching Germany’s Transparency Law.

1 year ago

German authorities have said on Tuesday that they have fined $2.3 million to Facebook for violating their country’s internet transparency law.

The authorities have said that Facebook has provided distorted pictures of illegal content on the social media platform. Under the German Transparency Law, social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has to provide a report of complaints of illegal content they have received from the users. This report will help to analyze what content on social media is violating the law.

The federal office of justice has said in a press release that Facebook did not report the full copy of the complaint, in terms the complaints which were reported by the Facebook was only the fraction of complaints about illegal content. In 2018, Facebook said they have received mere 1,048 complaints about illegal contents on its second half of the year. But if we talk about Twitter and YouTube they have received over a half a million complaints for the whole year. The report creates a distorted picture of the illegal complaints which was received by Facebook because the report only contains a fraction of complaints of illegal information.

Deepak Kumar

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