Easy ways to cope with stress

1 year ago

Any situation or circumstance that is beyond our control or a slight change in our day to day life which is not favorable causes a tension in mind and pain in body, known as Stress. Stress is a common term in today’s competitive life where everyone is running for their bread and butter. When needs and wants are high, stress level increases. Children, teenagers, adult and mature people all are facing stress due to one or more reasons. Different age level have different stressors like children are stressed due to burden of study, teenagers are stressed for their future, adults to earn better and matured ones are due to their health, family etc.

What basically stress is? Stress is psychological, physiological and behavioral response of a person when they lack balance between the line of need and achieve. It is that state of mind that affects a person’s thinking ability, mental peace, growth, development, working ability and it is referred to silent killer as it can also cause heart attack, blood pressure issues, chest pain, weight gain, hair loss and many more.

That’s why it is very crucial to manage the level of stress before it becomes untreatable or lethal for anyone. There can be many techniques which one can follow to bust their stress.

First of all, a person should be aware of the sources of stress known as Stressors. Root cause of the problem must be known to us, only then we can cure it. Sources can be any of our habit, attitude, workplace, relationships etc.

One should understand that we can’t control each and every situation that comes to us. So the event that is unfavorable to us, we should accept it positively. Positive thinking will not change the situation but it can change our perception towards it. Anything that happens, happens for good is the best positive phrase everyone should remember.

Communicate: Communicate with self and with others is also one of the stress busters. Half of the people are stressed because they are not able to express their views, ideas and opinions. When we express ourselves to others, we feel relaxed. Getting other’s point of view will help in coping with changed situation.

Doing exercise daily can also reduce the level of stress as it is effective as antidepressants. Walking is also a good exercise to improve or maintain healthy mind and body.

Balanced and healthy diet that is full of nutrients and minerals help in reducing stress as lot of energy is waste when a person is suffering from stress issues.

Deep breathing, meditation, yoga and music therapy are some practices that can help in alleviating stress.

Sleep of 6 to 8 hours is vital for every individual. Don’t suppress sleeping hours due to work and relationships as this increases the stress level and affects one’s working ability.

Cut the usage of alcohol, drugs and other medications to reduce stress.

Things that are organized and maintained are better than unorganized one. So, try to manage the things in time. Time management is crucial for every one as time stops for none and when it is gone, it is gone. That’s why, there will be no sense of crying on past time, give your career, relationship, business a new start.

Avoid contact with people who are depressing and negative in nature. Try to play with kids and pets.

These can be some of the measures; by following a person can reduce the stress level. But if symptoms persist, one should consult an expert.

Seema Jain

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