March 8 : A day to applaud God’s finest of the creations.

3 years ago

Women’s Day, officially recognized in 1909 in New York to celebrate womanhood. And, with the increasing of years, its significance and purpose, keeps on increasing.

There is much to celebrate about the day. Each woman in one’s life must be celebrated for all the sacrifices she has made, for all hustles she has done, for all compassion and love, she has bestowed onto us etc. be it our mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend. She truly deserves the same.

Though, it is a saddening fact to realise, what has been done and still happening to the women in our country, as it is known to all of us. Let’s not get into satistics. Do you know why? Because, that’s depressing. Rather, let’s take the force into the hand to do, all that it takes to see all women as ‘human beings’ and not as a ‘second sex’.

If you meet a father, go tell him, that today he’s truly a great man, not only because he has a daughter, but because he has the boon of the universe and she’ll nurture the life beyond.

And, it is for the realisation of all the women, that it is you, who can strengthen the other woman, in a way which no other man can.
So, better be a strength then being a foe.

“Behind every successful woman, there is a great force, called woman.”

And, as I always say,

“Other girls are not my competition, I stand with them, not against them.”

Be a woman, you want to be.
In all your variations!
In all your varieties!

Happy Women’s Day!

-©Sakshi Narang

Seema Jain

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