2020: A World Of Digital Marketing

1 year ago

We all have heard about the famous buzzword “Change with Time”. It is a very imperative and popular term. People who refused to change with time have experienced their downfall. In this fast-changing world with everything going online it opens a vast sea of opportunities. The world is now on the internet.

In today’s world so many things are available online and it is increasing day by day. We can now purchase so many things like; Food, Clothes, Furniture and other things on the Internet. People are now switching their way of marketing to online marketing. When everything is going online it increases the need for digital marketing professionals.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is a method of promoting the business online with digital marketing terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing etc. In digital marketing the promotion is done on different platforms like; Social Media Platforms, Websites, Mobile Phones.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Digital marketing is highly in trend nowadays. People are now adopting digital marketing as a core marketing solution. The demand for a digital marketing professional is increasing day by day. So, if someone learns digital marketing then it will be very beneficial in the near future. Digital marketing has plenty of career opportunities to grab and it will increase in future. Here are a few options to choose as a career in digital marketing:-

Blogging:- If you have great writing skills or wanted to write about your passion then blogging is a very good option for you. In blogging, you can write on any interesting topic of your choice. You just have to pick a blogging platform like Google Blogger, WordPress etc. Blogging takes time and efforts but it will worth it. After you have a good amount then you can monetize your blog by applying Adsense to it.

Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is a commission-based method. When someone purchases a product from Amazon or Flipkart from your affiliate link then you will get the commission of that purchase. If you have heavy traffic on your website then you can insert your affiliate link on your website.

Freelancer Projects:– Freelancer is getting popular nowadays. Freelancer is project-based work. If you have skills in digital marketing or design then you can take freelancer projects from freelancer site like; Fiver, Upwork, 99design etc. It is a type of work which you can do it anywhere.

Digital Marketing Jobs:– If you want to earn money fast then you can do a job as a digital marketing professional. The demand for a digital marketing professional is increasing and it has lots of different career options digital marketing jobs like; Analytics managers, Content manager, Online Leads Manager, Social Media Marketer etc.

Digital Marketing Agency:– If you are skilled digital marketer then you can open your own digital marketing agency in which you can do SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Optimization etc. by your own. Opening a digital marketing agency is easy but to be successful is the main thing. A good digital marketing agency stands out when there is a good team. A single person cannot do all things in digital marketing. So if you want to open an agency then you have to first build a good team.

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