8 Benefits of Apple

8 Benefits of Apple: Health and Nutrition

9 months ago

You have heard the popular slang about apple “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, well this term logically fit in the case of apple, because apple contains antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre and many nutrients that keep our body in a healthy state.  Let’s dug deep and learn about the benefits of apple

8 Benefits of Apple

1. Apple can prevent from High blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is a very common condition nowadays, it usually causes by hypertension and stress, in this case, Apple is known to be a good fruit to prevent from high blood pressure because it contains high amount of potassium which helps in to prevent from high blood pressure.

2. Apple is good for your heart:

As we read above that Apple can prevent high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is the main cause that forces the heart to pump blood harder to the rest of the body. This mechanism causes left ventricle of your heart to thicken and that thickened ventricle increases the risk of heart attack, that means eating an apple can automatically keep your heart healthy.

3. Apple can help in weight loss:

Apple contains large amount fibres by which, when we eat, we feel satisfied or full stomach quicker. By eating an apple in a meal we feel satisfied quicker and this leads to automatically eating fewer calories, if we take less calories than regular, we lose weight quicker.

4. Detoxifies Liver:

Eating Apple can detoxify your liver because it contains high levels of pectin, a soluble fibre that helps the body to release toxins from blood by which the load on the liver reduces and liver can function properly.

5. Reduce Cholesterol:

As we read above that apple contains pectin, pectin is a soluble fibre which present in plant cell walls. Pectin is a gel fibre, which acts as a gelling agent in jams, this gelling fibre absorbs cholesterol and reduce its quantity from the blood. A 3-7% reduction in total cholesterol can be achievable with pectin gelling fibre. Thus eating apple reduces cholesterol.

6. Apple can help in better function of Brain:

Antioxidants help to prevent from cells damage, In a study by Cornell University in 2004 was found that Apple contains a very powerful antioxidant called “Quercetin” which help in protecting the brain cells to damage. Quercetin can be found majorly on Apple’s skin, so to take full the benefit of apple, it should be eaten entirely, excepting seeds.

7. Eating apple can boost immunity

Again coming to soluble fibre, as we now know that apple contains soluble fibre, a study shows that Soluble fibre changes the behaviour of immune cells – they go from being pro-inflammatory, angry cells to anti-inflammatory, healing cells that help us to recover faster from infection and diseases.

8. Apple can help in cure cancer

This is mindblowing, a study states that there are various antioxidants that found in the apple and from these, there is a one type antioxidant called “procyanidins”. When cancer cells are exposed to antioxidants then procyanidins antioxidants triggered a series of cell that resulted in the death of cancer cells.

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