14 Tips to stay healthy during pregnancy

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Being a mother is the world’s best feeling that every woman prays for. Even she has to suffer a lot during pregnancy time but still, she smiles, just to see that tiny steps walking down. 

As soon as you get the news from your doctor that you are pregnant, you start searching for the tips to stay healthy during the pregnancy so as to have a normal and healthy baby. The kind of nutrition, environment, mood, and thoughts you have during pregnancy directly affects your baby’s health. So before you can take care of your newborn baby, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn child. And for that, you must follow some useful and healthy tips for pregnancy.

Essential tips for a healthy pregnancy

1. Early Prenatal care

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If you are someone who is planning to have a baby or the one who has skipped her periods and there are chances of pregnancy, then your first step will be to find an experienced doctor for the early stages of your pregnancy so that you can have quality care. Select a professional, easily accessible doctor who will provide you with appropriate guidance.

2. Change your food habits

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Start eating healthy food as it will have a great impact on your pregnancy and the health of the child. Never skip your breakfast and take fruits and cereals in the breakfast. Include fibrous food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, oatmeal, and dairy products to have energy. Try to avoid junk food.

3. Prenatal supplements are important

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To get required minerals and vitamins for you and baby, taking prenatal supplements are the right choice. Prenatal vitamins having folic acid and iron are essential during initial stages of pregnancy as the baby’s neural cord, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops in the first month and hence it is important to have calcium, iron, and folate for the development.

4. Daily exercise

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As your body size and shape will change during pregnancy, regular exercise will keep you healthy and flexible. Before doing any physical activity, consult your doctor, he/she will recommend the types of exercise according to your body functions. Yoga during pregnancy is helpful in maintaining blood circulation level, induces sleep, and removes mental stress. Brisk walking for 15-20 minutes can also be done to refresh the mood.

5. Stay Hydrated

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Water is essential during pregnancy as blood volume increases because blood has to carry oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby also. To support this extra work, pregnant mothers should make aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water. Drinking water can also help prevent constipation, fatigue, headaches, cramps, swelling, and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

6. Say no to alcohol, drugs and tobacco

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Alcohol, drugs, and smoking is injurious to your health and as well as for baby’s health. Mothers having alcohol, any kind of drug, and doing smoking during pregnancy are at great risk of miscarriage. Alcohol and smoking increase the chances of birth defects, no mental growth, poor health, and preterm birth of a baby. So avoid taking alcohol and tobacco for your baby’s health and growth.

7. Relax your Body

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Mental and physical relaxation is necessary during pregnancy. Adequate sleep relaxes your mind and body and keeps you fresh for the all day. Yoga, meditation, and pranayama can be done to have good mental health. Your mental health plays an important role in a child’s mental health.

8. Avoid unnecessary medications

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Consult with your doctor before taking any over the counter or natural remedies or supplements. It is advisable not to take any unprescribed medicines as it can raise the risk of miscarriage and other deformities in the child. Always ask your gynecologist before taking any medicine.

9. Educate Yourself!

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Education doesn’t mean you have to complete any degree, you have that already! The education we are talking about here is about pre-maternity education. If it’s your first pregnancy then you must educate or take knowledge about different stages of pregnancy, changes, symptoms, and when to seek medical help. This becomes necessary for couples who are living in nuclear families and manage everything by themselves.

10. Relieves stress

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy can give you goosebumps at times! Life during pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride that sometimes can make you stressed. So it’s important to work towards stress management. Meditation, yoga, talking to friends, and engaging in activities that you enjoy will help you to be stress-free.

11. Manage your weight

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As now you are eating for two, you would gain weight for sure but packing too extra kilos can harm you later. Tracking weight is important during pregnancy, as sometimes, you may not be gaining enough weight as you should, which can be a serious concern for your child’s growth. That’s why tracking the weight gain or weight loss process during pregnancy is of utmost importance.

12. Wear the right shoes

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As your pregnancy progress, the increased body weight will throw off-center of gravity and put pressure on feet. This can cause flattening or pain in feet. Sometimes water retention may occur due to which feet can swell. That’s why it is advisable to shop for new footwear that is comfortable on your feet.

13. Maintain emotional health

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Due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, you can experience mood swings and emotional ups and downs. When you think you’re stressed and it’s impacting you, make sure you get treatment and be back to normal.

14. Dental care

Yes, it may seem awkward listening to dental care during pregnancy but it is important. An increase in hormones like estrogen and progesterone level can lead to weaker and bleeding gums. So it becomes necessary to go to the dentist for oral care.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes, you have to keep track of timely changes and react accordingly to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  So just treat yourself as queen and eat healthy and nutritious food, take coconut water or plain water, cut the use of caffeine and aerated drinks. Do yoga and meditation to reduce physical and mental stress. Also keep a record of your blood glucose and blood pressure level, weight gain, development of the fetus, and position of the placenta.

Enjoy your Pregnancy!!!

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