World Theatre Day: A day to honor Art and Drama

5 years ago

To nourish, promote and share the drama and arts among the people, 27th March is celebrated as World Theatre Day. In 1961, ITI initiated the world theatre day. Every year, a great theatre personality gives message on world theatre day. The first message was given by Jean Cocteau in 1962. This year, Carlos Celdran from Cuba; who is an award winning theatre personality, director and playwright has given the message.

Carlos Celdran
Pic courtesy: Google

Some part of his message is Theatrical tradition is horizontal. There is nobody who may affirm that theatre exists at any centre in the world, in any city or privileged building. Theatre, as I have received it, spreads through an invisible geography that blends the lives of those who perform it and the theatrical craft in a single unifying gestureMany events are organized to enable communities to promote their work on a broad scale and to make people aware of the value of drama and arts, this day is celebrated.

Seema Jain

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