World Skill Youth Day: Amazon India launches Skill Development Program

World Skill Youth Day: Amazon India launches the Skill Development Program

2 years ago

The Coronavirus Outbreak has impacted the learning of students as well as the placement of many fresh graduates to train the youth during the coronavirus pandemic Amazon India has launched a skill development program oh the occasion of world youth skill day.

Amazon has launched this skill program under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), across its Fulfilment Centres Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. this program aims to contribute to the government’s commitment towards skilling and increasing employability of the apprentices. The duration of the program is 6-months, he apprentices will be trained on Inventory and Warehousing Management skills for the roles of process associates and warehouse associates. The curriculum will consist of a mix of classroom sessions, on-the-job learning, and assessments held at the fulfillment centers in. All training sessions will be conducted with all the preventive and safety measures including social distancing and regular sanitization.

Under the guidelines of NAPS, apprentices will also receive a monthly stipend. At the end of the program, apprentices will be assessed by the Logistics Sector Skill Council and will receive a certification. After certification, the apprentices will be eligible to be considered for available seasonal and full-time employment opportunities.
Earlier also amazon has contributed to skilling and training opportunities to the youth and equipping youth with technological and operational skills. In September 2019, the company had announced its partnership with Sol’s ARC, an NGO, to train and create employment opportunities for young adults with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities.

Shruti Jain

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