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World Pharmacist Day: Why it is celebrated?

2 years ago

Today, on 25th September, World Pharmacist day is being celebrated all over the world. This day is dedicated to pharmacists around the world. It is a person who has complete knowledge about medicines.

Why World Pharmacist Day is celebrated? When World Pharmacist Day is celebrated and how International Pharmacist Day is celebrated.

World Pharmacist Day is dedicated to pharmacists around the world who play an important role in the health sector. They are not less than important to a Doctor. And today, on September 25, “World Pharmacist Day” is celebrated all over the world to honor them.

International Pharmacists Day has been celebrated since 2009. It was first introduced in Istanbul in 2009 by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). The theme of World Pharmacist Day in 2019 this year is “Safe and effective medicines for all”. The pharmacist plays an important character. They play an important role in improving the health of the people.

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