World Cup 2019: India records historic victory on the West Indies

3 years ago

Yesterday, India had a spectacular win over West Indies. Team India first batted for the target of 268 against the West Indies. The highest score i.e 72 runs scored by Virat Kohli and named as man of the match,  MS Dhoni scored 56 runs from 61 balls, Pandya (46) and Rahul (48) as well as Indian bowling did not allow the West Indies to stay late in the day, due to which none of the West Indies Player did make root run.

India got all west indies out on 140 runs, the highest wickets by Mohammed Shami got 2-2 wickets, Bumrah and Chahal got 2-2 wickets and Pandya, Yadav got one wicket, due to which India would once again make their name.

Seema Jain

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