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World Autism Awareness day theme 2020: Transition to Adulthood

4 years ago

Every year World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on 2nd April which is recognized internationally by the United Nations to raise awareness about people suffering from Autism spectrum disease (ASD) worldwide. On 1 November 2007 resolution on world autism awareness day was passed in the UN general assembly and on 18 November 2007, it was adopted by UN member states without any votes.

Theme 2020: Transition to Adulthood

This year the United Nations is highlighting the issue related to the transition to adulthood. More than half of the children of the autism spectrum are not successfully transitioning to adulthood during their high school time due to a lack of opportunities and support. A successful transition means education, decision-making, independent living, and job. The Transition to adulthood process begins when children are at 12 to 14 years old, as schools and parents lay the foundation for skills needed to interact with adult life such as daily living skills like money management skills, housekeeping, and personal hygiene. Teachers should encourage students to participate in youth culture programs and volunteer work. The transition process will help to develop children’s interests, future goals, abilities, and skills necessary to achieve goals in adult life.


What is Autism?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is characterized by communication and behavior. Autism is influenced by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Autism people have trouble understanding what others feel and think. This makes it hard for them to specify themselves, with words or through gestures and facial expressions. People with autism may have problems with learning and developing skills.

Causes of autism:

  • There is no single reason behind autism
  • Risk factors of autism include:
  • Families who have one child with autism spectrum disorder have a higher risk of having another child with the disorder
  • Environmental factors: viral infections, and air pollutants.
  • Genetic disorder: fragile X syndrome, Rett syndrome and genetic mutations.
  • Being born to older parents
  • Low birth weight

World Autism Day brings autism organizations worldwide together to assist in things like research, treatment, diagnoses, and acceptance for those affected by this developmental disorder.

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