Why choose Women’s college for Higher education?

4 years ago

As school life ends, students entering the college feeling tensed out among different subjects before deciding what to major in. Choosing for college major is not an easy task but choosing for the right college is even more difficult one.

Choosing for Right college is a tedious task mainly for girls. In a country like India, they are considered a burden on the family are not supposed to go for Higher education. Parents resist sending their girls in co-education colleges, where girls and boys study together; hence they prefer to drop out. But women colleges are a game-changer for the students who choose it over other co-educational institutions — changing their lives and giving them a voice.

Here are some of the benefits of single-gender educational institutes and should be considered before dropping them out:

  • Women’s colleges are the best places where a woman can speak without any restriction. They are better at learning when they are in single-gender environment.
  • Women’s colleges overall have higher academic achievement standards and more personal attention, allowing girl students to thrive as well as participate in higher level thinking activities. In general, women’s college graduates are confident, a high achiever in the workforce and well prepared for a career change or advancement.
  • Women’s colleges are safe and secure for the girls undergoing higher education. Their self-interests are protected and they are not differentiated on a gender basis.
  • Students at women’s colleges are strongly encouraged and motivated to be leaders. The faculty, staff, and the administration, most of which are women provides a healthy environment to the students.

Parents should motivate to send their girls in women’s colleges for higher education as they offer a unique educational environment that encourages and empowers their students to succeed.

Seema Jain

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