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WhatsApp update: Group Voice Calls now comes With Options to Mute, Message Specific Participants

4 months ago

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp has updated its group call experience for users. WhatsApp has improved the experience of group voice calls on both Android and iOS. The update allows users to mute any other participants or message one of them while remaining active on the call. The new update comes just days after WhatsApp increased the number of participants in group voice calls from eight to 32. To support the expanded list of participants in group voice calls, the instant messaging app introduced a new interface.

WhatsApp announced the release of its updated group voice call experience on Friday, which includes the ability to mute other participants. The update also adds the ability for users to message a specific participant while on the call.

To get the option to mute or message a call participant, press and hold the name card of that participant. A pop-up menu with the given options will appear.

The ability to mute someone on call is especially useful if they forget to mute themselves. The participant, on the other hand, can unmute themselves at any time by pressing the Unmute button.

In addition to the above-mentioned group voice call update, WhatsApp also added an indicator to inform participants when more people join large calls.

Also, WhatsApp has updated its Privacy control settings, now users can select who from the contact list they want to show their Profile Photo, About, and Last Seen status.

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