Paras Institute of Commerce seminar cum schlorship test

Vivek Manocha hosted a Seminar Cum Scholarship Test at Vinayak Institute Bhatinda

1 year ago

On Friday, June 10, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd organized a seminar cum scholarship test at Vinayak Institute, Bhatinda for CA aspirants.

The seminar cum scholarship test witnessed great enthusiasm in students. After the scholarship test, a small seminar was taken by Vivek Manocha, Director, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd to give insight into the basic knowledge of the CA Course. He cleared all doubts of students regarding the CA Foundation and CA Intermediate course. Vivek Manocha motivated students that Hard work is the only key to success and there is no shortcut to becoming a successful CA.

Paras Institute of Commerce is a premier institute for CA coaching in Hisar regularly organizes seminars and webinars to educate students about CA courses.

Seema Jain

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