Aagaaz Anti Drug Yatra

Udit Kunj foundation’s Anti Drug Yatra Aagaaz reached Village Sulakhani

7 months ago

On March 27, the Udit Kunj Foundation– one of the best NGOs in Haryana launched its Anti-drug Yatra Aagaaz at Kaithal. The Yatra’s purpose is to aware youth of drug abuse. Drug addiction has become a stigma nowadays and youth for short-term enjoyment & relaxation, are becoming addicted to drugs.

Moving Towards its mission to make drug-free Haryana, Aagaaz, Udit Kunj foundation team reached Village Sulakhani on June 14. The event was organized by the Gayatri Rural Development society.

Kulbir Singh, President, Udit Kunj Foundation and keynote speaker of the day addressed the village people. He said “Today’s youth is indulge in drugs. School students are the soft targets for drug dealers.  The reason behind youth falling for drugs is mainly peer pressure and stress. Drug addiction is not a disease, it’s a habit. The one who is addicted wants to come out of this, but is not able to afford the rehab treatment or the medicines that are required for an initial couple of months.

That’s why, we’ve launched this anti-drug Yatra- Aagaaz, in which we are spreading awareness to different districts of Haryana and also providing rehabilitation services to drug addicts, he mentioned.

According to Kulbir, the main aim of the campaign is to make Haryana drug-free. Also, attendees took an oath not to take drugs in their life.

Seema Jain

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