Types of mass communication

Types of Mass Communication

2 years ago

Mass Communication has always been a popular field amongst all. Since ancient times, it has its own identity and has been used for the primary form of verbal and non-verbal communication but with developing time, it got transform as a global platform of communication where people can freely expressing their ideas and opinions.

The new technology and innovation has boost up the media industry and explored distinct opportunities in the field. It also transformed the meaning of mass communication. 

What is Mass communication?

Mass Communication is an exchange of information through mass media to a large extent of people at the same time without any hurdle. 

Today, mass communication is all around us, or you can say we are all around mass communication. Mass communication has brought up the whole world at our fingertips. We see different types of ads on T.V., pop-ups at the time of browsing, hoardings while driving on the road, etc. these all are the medium of mass communication. This different medium falls under different categories of mass communication. Let’s see what are the types of mass communication?

5 Types of Mass Communication –

1. Print Media

2. Electronic Media

3. Advertising

4. Public Relation

5. Digital Media or New Media


Print media – Print media is the most conventional form of Mass Communication. It consists of a platform that mainly uses written communication like newspapers, magazines, journals, publications, books, novels, and comics. Print media is recommended since ancient times. In today’s digital age, somewhere print media has lost its identity as newspapers are going online and providing information to the people at their screens.

print media
Print Media

Electronic media – Electronic media refers to the use of electronic devices like radio, television, smartphones to distribute news, entertainment, and information.

•  Through radio, a message transfers in the form of electromagnetic signals to a large extent of people over long distances. It is a traditional form of mass communication that was earlier used for announcements, broadcasting music, and entertainment conversational programs. But in the digital world, now radio channels are promoted as online channels and they only work on the determined frequency. 

electronic device

    •Television spreads messages in the form of audio-visual aspects of communication. With the digital age, film industry and the T.V. industry is growing fast and career opportunities are also increasing in it.

Advertising – Advertising method is used to promote products, services, social messages, and commercial messages. Advertising includes two types of media such as outdoor media and transit media.

•  Outdoor media refers to the still advertisement which remains in one position, but it can be seen by people roaming around there. For example, posters, banners, hoardings, etc.

Transit media advertising
Transit Media

•       Transit advertisement is done by using transport vehicles like buses, rails, auto-rickshaw, metros, etc. Companies post their product’s posters on them so that consumers can see it.

Public Relations – When there are release and spread of information between an organization and public, it is called Public relations. The public relations officer conveys the message about the company and its product in the market. Public relations help to build brand image, product image, and company image.

public relations
Public Relations

Digital Media or New Media – Digital media or new media is the most trending source of mass communication. It provides quick information to a large group of people with the help of emails, websites, blogs, videos, social media, etc. It helps to get information in seconds. The career in digital marketing and social media marketing is growing day by day. 

Digital Media
Digital Media

In our day to day life, we use different types of mass media or communication at different times.

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