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Top Gyms in Hisar: Fitness centers of Hisar

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Nowadays fitness has become the priority of everyone, especially among youth. And last not least the coronavirus pandemic also taught the value of fitness because only those people survive who is fit and have strong immunity.

To be strong and fit in life, people go to the gym and grind themselves. Every age group category has its own fitness goals and preferences for eg:- youth wants to build muscles and good physic by increasing muscle mass, middle-aged people want to maintain their immune system and the senior citizen wants to keep moving and greasing their joints and body.

So, everybody has a different choice of workout according to their needs and fitness goals, and to fulfill their need, a number of Gym and fitness centers are there in Hisar.

Here we discuss some of the Best Gyms in Hisar that are giving fitness services to Hisarites.

Best Gyms in Hisar


GOLD GYM is the oldest and best in class equipment gym in Hisar. GOLD’s GYM is a co-ed fitness center and a chain of American international fitness hub. The Gym offers a great variety of cardio, strength training, and group training programs. The facilities that Gold Gym provides make them the coolest gym chain ever.

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS: Above Bakers World, Near Jindal Hospital Road, Dayanand Colony, Hisar, Haryana 125001


Ginny’s gym in Hisar is known for its weight gain and weight loss programs which they execute. Their fitness programs are unique and motivating that every trainee enjoyed it. This gym has a different section for each type of workout i.e. strength, cardio, aerobics, steam bath. The services they provide are personal locker, workout assistance, supplements, and skilled and experienced personal trainer, nutrition, and calorie management.

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

They offer different membership packages to different people, for eg. If a group of friends wants to join together then they offer a heavy discount on the membership charges.

ADDRESS:  Town plaza, 3rd floor, Mall road, PLA, Hisar, Haryana


Oxizone fitness and spa are some of the luxurious and convenient Gym in Hisar. This gym has several other branches in Haryana, Chandigarh, and Punjab. Oxyzone gym is known as the all-rounder gym in Hisar because it offers a load of fitness activities and other services that attracts fitness freaks. It offers amenities like spa and sauna, locker facility, aerobics, cafeteria, TV screens, Spinning Studio, steam bath facilities, and many more. And also offer tons of other fitness activities like yoga classes, meditation classes, Zumba classes, aerobics, weight loss activities, health clubs, and so on.

Best gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS: DSS 59/60, Old Court Complex, Rajgarh Road, Jawahar Nagar, Hissar – 125001, Near Fwaraha Chowk


AMAN’S CORE GYM is the newly opened and biggest gym in Hissar opened in December 2019. It offers the best in class equipment and well-skilled trainers and a hygienic environment. They offer different types of fitness activities under a single roof like separate cross-fit training section, strength training section, cardio training section, therapy section, etc. The membership fees can be discussed with the owner according to your activities. They also offer online classes and training programs.

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS: (BRANCH-1) 2nd floor, Ashoka Tower, bank colony Besides Rajia inn hotel, opp. central jail, Hisar, Haryana 125001

ADDRESS: (BRANCH-2) , Sector 14, Hisar, Haryana 125001


BBC gym in Hisar was established in the year 2013. The weight loss and fat loss programs of BBC fitness center are incredible and give positive results. The other services they offered are yoga and Zumba. They are specialized in providing Aerobics classes for both males and females.

Best Gyms in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS: SCO 45, Sec13 Parking, Hissar HO, Hissar – 125001, Near Shopping Complex Sec 13


D Clubbing Cardio is one of the best Gyms in Hisar offering services like weight loss programs and weight gain program, and HIIT workout session with an experienced and skilled trainer. Trainers focus on supplementation, workout, and diet plan. Aerobics and power yoga are the other basic services provided by the gym.

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS: 89, Lajpat Nagar, Hisar, Haryana


Detox gym and cafe is a consumer-friendly gym in Hisar that offers special services for senior citizens. The Gym equipment is best in class and trainers to provide a variety of workouts at a single location. They scheduled weekly classes for health tracking and provides customized workout and nutrition plans. It facilitates especially core workout, strength training, cardio workout, yoga, aerobics, Zumba, Bhangra, etc.

Gym in Hisar

ADDRESS:  Gate no.4, 258, Siwach Complex, opp. HAU University, Bishnoi Colony, Hisar, Haryana 125001


Bodycare gym was established in 1992 by Mr. Namit Rana ( Mr. HISAR, MR. HARYANA, MR. INDIA ). The gym is spread within 2400Sq. ft. area and has trained many champions here.

Bodycare Gym is one of the oldest and famous Gym in Hisar. The Gym uses customized training techniques and believes in old school training methods. The different techniques provided by  Bodycare Gym in Hisar are strength training, weight loss, and bodybuilding training.  It helps you in achieving your fitness goal and trains you like a beast.  It’s membership fees is pocket-friendly.

ADDRESS: 2nd and 3rd floor, Above Khatter Hospital, Near Mandi Chowk, Hisar


Stay fit with Ravi is another best Gym in Hisar. This fitness center is also known as a weight-loss hub. It offers services like dance cardio, Aerobics, Strength training, and most important personal training sessions. Their specialty is that they help you to lose weight faster and gives an un-imagined result in the minimum time. This gym is a 24/7 open gym in Hisar.

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms in Hisar

ADDRESS:  SCO-12, Pocket-B,sector-14,above Axis Bank.nearby Sector 14 Second Gate, Hisar, Haryana 125001


Powerhouse Gym is also one of the oldest Gym in Hisar. The trainer and founder Kuldeep Sheoran has vast knowledge about powerlifting and strength training and has trained many powerlifters under his guidance. Special amenities offered by the gym are workout schedule, diet plan and progress tracking, and the most important supplementation assistance. The membership of the gym is quite affordable. 

ADDRESS: Marble Market, 8, Balsamand Road, Bhamashah Nagar, Hisar, Haryana 125001


Rock champion gym in Hisar makes available various kinds of fitness activities like weight or muscle gain, fat reduction, prepare people for the bodybuilding championship and prepare health/ fitness expert under one roof. The gym is loaded with latest technology equipment and has experienced trainers for training. Personal training sessions are also provided by Rock Champion Gym.

ADDRESS: Parijat Chowk – Nagori Gate Road, Aggarwal Colony, Hisar

Best Gym in Hisar
Gyms In Hisar

So now among all the Gyms in Hisar, choose wisely which matches your needs and fitness goals.

Shubham Chawla

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  1. I have been training there for 3 years now and It’s not just that Ginny’s has one of the best infrastructure, you will get the best guidance and training from Mr. Amit over there. Which is more important for me than anything else.

  2. Ginnys Gym is best among all .The owner and the trainers all very sophisticated and well behaved..I just love this place As they are very cooperative as well.

  3. Ginny’s gym provide perfect solution for healthy weight management.. Hats off to the owners and trainers who are there to give GENUINE GUIDANCE to their clients.
    All the best!!

  4. i’ve been training in the Body care gym since 4 years and I got top class results and full respect to the coach who assist you in achieving your fitness goals. best gym for bodybuilding preparation.

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