Top 10 BA hons Courses in India

Top 10 BA(Hons) Courses in India

2 years ago

After talking about the credibility of Bachelors in Arts also known as BA(Hons) courses, we will now talk about the top 10 BA(Hons) courses that can be beneficial to you academically and can give a kick start to your career. Pursuing BA(Hons) promises a bright career by opening various doors to the students such as professor, content writer, social media manager, political scientist, journalism, marketing, and many more. Choosing the right course to pursue your under-graduation could be a tough decision to make. So, here we are listing the top 10 courses for BA(Hons) which will help you figure out your area of interest. These courses are offered by some of the most reputed colleges throughout the country and eligible students get placed in good organizations.

  1. . BA(Hons) English– it is one of the most sought-after courses and we see a huge number of students getting enrolled for this course in various colleges each year. The reason behind this is that pursuing a BA(Hons) in English opens up a plethora of opportunities for candidates. It is often believed that the only career option available after the completion of this course is going for teaching. But, it’s now a fact that it is a myth which has long been broken. From content writers to Public Relations, the opportunities available for English Honors graduates are practically limitless. Some of the major career paths they can go for are:
    • Content Writers
    • Public Relations
    • Translators
    • Mass Communication
    • Writing Editorials

2.  BA(Hons) Psychology– With rising levels of stress and anxiety mounted upon individuals, people are increasingly seeking therapy and counseling for their mental well-being. Be it students studying in schools/universities or people working for corporate/MNCs, individuals are facing excessive pressure in almost every aspect of their life. Hence, the demand for psychologists are on the rise each day. Psychologists are soften confused with psychiatrists. It is important to put across that psychiatrists are trained to treat patients by prescribing medicines whereas psychologists are only advised to use talk therapy to heal the patients mental health. Aspiring candidates need to note that post-graduation is essential in this study so as to qualify you as a psychologist.

3.  BA(Hons) Economics- It is often considered as one of the most difficult courses both in terms of sky-high cutoff lists and the hard-work required throughout this course. But owing to its growing demand and applicability in everyday life, concepts of Economics widened to included statistics, GDP. Finance and Development which are extremely crucial for the economy. The foundation of this course is based on topics such as National Income, finance, baking, circulation of income and cash ultimately helping one to understand the functioning of the economy. Basically, Ba(Hons) Economics is a vast course which acquaints one extensively about the major concepts and operations needed to run the economy.

4.  BA(Hons) Sociology– Sociology is the study of various facets of society which binds us all together. Though not visible, our society constitutes of innumerable minute mannerism and behavior which classifies people belonging to some social strata. Roughly, this is what one will be studying in BA(Hons) Sociology.  The major concepts in Sociology are society, social stratification, social interaction, study of culture and social relations. Some of the career prospects available to sociology graduates are:

  • Public health and welfare organization
  • PR and Advertising Executive
  • HR executive
  • Social worker
  • Education (Teachers/professors)

5.  BA (Hons) Political Science – it is considered as one of the most important field of study in Humanities as it involves the analysis of political system, politics and the working of government closely. As the course name itself suggests, it is the study of trade unions, corporations or other major complexities of governmental procedures. It also gives an extensive knowledge about international relations, political theories, history, political economy, foreign policies and public administration as well. Some of the major career options are:

  • Politics
  • Law
  • Civil Service
  • United Nations Organizations  

6. BA (Hons) Geography– It is the 3 year long full- time course and it involves extensive study about Earth, it’s features and inhabitants. Other major aspects covered in this course are water, land, environment and all major interior and exterior formations. BA(Hons) Geography comprises about the study of Geomorphology, Hydrology, Climatology, Nature of Geography, social geography, economic geographic, Geography of India, etc. Some of the major career prospects for Ba(Hons) Geography graduates are:

  • IAS/ Civil Services
  • Cartologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Landscape architect 
  • Nature Conservation Officer

7. BA(Hons) History– It essentially involves the study of past as it is recorded in written documents. Students are acquainted with all the major event in the history of human civilization and helps gain knowledge about the ancient, medieval and contemporary era. Career prospects in this field are:

  • Archeologist
  • Research Assistant
  • Museum Curator
  • Archivist

8. BA(Hons) Journalism and Mass communication (BJMC) – In recent times, we have witnessed a phenomenal growth in mass communication owing to the expansion of internet which being accessed by more and more people. Media has become vital part of our everyday life. Quite evidently, we can see the huge number of opportunities available to students after the completion of their BJMC. This course is not just limited to journalism, aspiring their get placed in media agencies, advertising, content writing, PR Firms, production houses etc.

9. BA(Hons) French/ German – The demand for experts in foreign languages are continually on the rise mostly because of the rise of globalization. Knowing a foreign language not only adds to your skills but also enhances your career opportunities. Some of the key areas of interest for BA(Hons) French/German graduates are:

  • Language Teacher
  • Web researcher
  • Translator
  • Tourist Guide
  • MNCs

10. BA(Hons) Philosophy– This course instils in their students a different perspective to look at everything and inculcate in them a liberal mindset. This course comprises of the philosophy discipline, scientific changes, and political legitimacy, exploring issues such as morality, religious belief, and medical advancements. The graduates are mostly get hired in law firms, banking agencies, teachers/professor, financing etc.

We hope from all these courses listed above, you are able to identify and pursue the course in accordance with your interest. Do keep a check on the cutoff lists which can be released at any moment. All the best!

Shruti Mukherjee

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