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The government should give a statutory warning about polluted cities ‘this city is harmful to health’: Mission Green

3 years ago

Mission Green Foundation expresses concern over pollution reaching a dangerous level, demands the government to take concrete steps.

Hisar 13 November: In view of the increasingly alarming levels of pollution in cities across the country, including Haryana, the government should issue a statutory warning for such cities, like cigarette boxes, that living in these cities is harmful to health. This was stated by Swami Sahajanand Nath, the founder of Mission Green Foundation, expressing concern over air pollution that has crossed dangerous levels. He said that the government should put such warning boards on the routes entering from around the city. Along with this, the government should also put up display boards showing the scale of pollution level so that people make adequate preparations for it. When the level of pollution increases, the local administration should take action immediately. The pollution level in Hisar city has reached the level of 461 which is many times more than the normal level whereas, in New York, Paris, Tokyo does not exceed 75.

Sahajanand Nath said that our governments are not serious about the environment. Instead of curbing pollution, it is increasing day by day. Other cities including Hisar are in bad condition due to smog and pollution and do not know when the government will wake up. The Prime Minister has also expressed concern about increasing pollution in particular, but the Haryana Government and the Department of Pollution are not taking the relevant steps and the situation of pollution is getting worse.

He said that Hisar has come to the number one position in the country with regard to pollution, that’s why the government should immediately take drastic and effective steps in this regard, otherwise, the situation will become uncontrollable in the coming days. In this regard, common people will also have to be aware of and everyone should contribute at every level to ensure that our environment does not get more polluted.

Seema Jain

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