HiDM Chatroom Session with Reena Bhatti

The first session of Hidm chatroom held: dedication and hard work will lead you to success, said Reena Bhatti.

1 year ago

Today on 21st December 2022, Er Manmohan Singla started his chit-chat show HiDM chat room and his first guest was mountaineer Reena Bhatti. This session was organized at HiDM. The HiDM chatroom session was hosted by Er Manmohan Singla, Director of HiDM (Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing).

Mountaineer Reena Bhatti is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Elbrus (the highest peak in Russia) on 15 August 2022 from west to east within 24 hours. In a chit-chat with Er Manmohan Singla, she shared her journey as to how she started mountaineering, from whom does she get inspiration, the struggles being a mountaineer she faced, and the turning point of her life.

While sharing, she told that there came a time in her life, when she started feeling love and passion for nature. This love and attractiveness towards nature motivated her to do something that can satisfy her soul. The first journey she did was the Amarnath yatra. Many ups and downs came in her life but she didn’t take her steps back. After summiting Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 M)in the year 2019, she didn’t stop, every day took a new challenge and work hard to reach her goal. Mountaineer Reena Bhatti’s next goal is to hoist the Indian Flag on the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest (8849 M).  She also said that she will start her Mount Everest journey in March 2023.

Apart from Mount Kilimanjaro, there are many records that she has made like in July 2022, she summits Mount Kang Yatse, and Mount Dzo Jango in just 70 hours and became the first state woman to do this.

When Er Manmohan Singla asked who motivates her, she replied, if you have thought that you have to do something different, something which is not been easy and this can take you to the pinnacle of success, then you don’t need motivation; you become self-motivated.

Speaking about the HiDM Chatroom, Reena Bhatti said that it was a great experience interacting with HiDM’s director and students and she believes that her inspirational session has motivated the HiDM’s students.

HiDM Chatroom Session with Reena Bhatti
HiDM Chatroom Session with Reena Bhatti

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