Moving on is success, holding on is failure

The book ‘Moving on is Success, Holding on is Failure’ launched at an event in GJU

1 year ago

‘Moving on is success, Holding on is Failure’, a book by Author Kuldeep Sheoran was launched on July 14 at GJU conference hall. The new book was launched under the aegis of University Registrar Dr. Avnesh Verma. Many other dignitaries were also there at the launch.

Author Kuldeep Sheoran with GJU Registrar at book launch event of Moving on is success, Holding on is Failure

Being an alumnus of GJU, I launched my first book, “Moving on is success and holding on failure at GJU. The motive behind launching the book at GJU is that I have a deep affection for the place, said the author. He further stated that now readers will have the book to read written by a student of GJU like IITs & IIMs students.

Keeping this aim in mind, he took the blessings of elders and best wishes from his juniors of the department while launching the book. He further added, ” You can achieve anything if you keep on moving as Moving on is success, holding on is failure”.

Author Kuldeep Sheoran with his family

Kuldeep sheoran talks about motivation, travel adventure and love bites in his book Moving on is success, holding on is failure. The book has twenty beautiful life lessons based on the stories that author has heard from experienced persons. The book is a combination of motivation, adventure, and romance.

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  1. Enjoyed the event, it’s a must read book for everyone you will get real satisfaction and motivation in your life post reading this book, please grap your copy and read asap

  2. When i m searching for Indian writer books on Amazon, I saw this book . Cover of books amazed me so much . So I picked it . There r many good motivational stories and everything in the book feels meticulously organized, which makes the content interesting . I had an absolute blast reading the book and honestly learned quite a lot. A motivational book that I highly recommend to students and professionals.

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