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list of 10 global health issues to track in 2021 big-plus

List of 10 Global Health Issues to track in 2021: A WHO Report

Dec 26, 2020

2020 was a challenging year for tackling global health issues. As every country is struggling to both tackle COVID-19, and provide people with vital care. In another word, the pandemic threatens hard-won global health progress achieved over the past two decades – in fighting infectious diseases and maternal and child health. So in 2021, though the vaccines are evolving […]

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world hearing day big-plus


Mar 03, 2020

On 3 rd March, Every year World Hearing Day is widely celebrated to raise awareness, to prevent deafness and to promote ear and hearing care across the planet. It was started by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) in 2007 and was originally known as International Ear Care Day. Theme 2020 WHO has decided the theme […]

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