Successfully conducted Parenting and Counselling Session at Transform Institute by Dr.Neha Mehta

5 years ago

On 21st July, Transform PCCP, A venture of Ours Academy successfully organized an event SUPER 100 a Free Counselling Session for the Parents in Hisar. In the session parents got to know how to mould a child at early stage to unleash their talent. This event was felicitated in the presence of Chairman Mr.Anoop Poonia, Director Er.Suriender Poonia, Academic Head Dr.Pooja Grover and renowned counsellor Dr.Neha Mehta .In the session parents came to know about the solution of the most concerning questions before them.


1. How to deal with psychological problems which their children face during study hours?

2. How to shape a student’s behavior and also instill enough discipline among them?

3. How to overcome exam phobia and the stress which they face in their day to day life?

The session was taken by Dr. Neha Mehta who is renowned child psychologist and parenting expert. Dr. Neha told many ways to solve the alarming problems a child is facing. On this event Dr. Neha share her experience that in this scenario child related problem is a big concern for parents. The session at Transform provided parents an insight about the various problems and their solutions. It helped parents to know their child in a better way. Parents should  keep in mind three things in mind in order to solve all the Parenting problems
1.Their should be no communication gap between Parents and children.
2.Formulate all the rules related to children in the family when all members of the family are present.
3. Boost the morale of the children by appreciating them for the little little efforts they take, said by Dr. Neha Mehta.

The session was concluded by academic head Dr. Pooja Grover who briefed about TRANSFORM institute and said that “Our institute is achieving its mission step by step every day and how Transform is preparing the children for their future endeavours. She also said that child behavior cannot be changed in a single day .The child need to be counselled on regular basis.”

On this occasion Director Ours Academy Er.Surender Poonia said that “Guidance and Counselling are important for children and parents ,teachers and academy play a huge role in bringing the best among children. He also said that Transform will keep on organizing such events in future also”.


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