Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram

Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram reunited a retarded woman to the family

1 year ago

Established in view of serving the abandoned women, Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram branch Moksha Vridha Ashram, Kaimri Road, Hisar is also playing a leading role in the reunion of families as well. 

In this sequence, Kamala Devi wife Raisingh, resident Chhota Uchana, district Jind had left the house about 11 months ago without informing due to being retarded and after wandering here & there, she was released by the police at Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram. 

Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram started Kamla devi’s treatment from Dr. Aditi Popli, at CMC Hospital.  After treatment, when she told about her village, the AHTU team of Dalsher Singh, Rajveer Nain, and Praveen and also through social media, find out her family. They were called to the ashram and when Kamala Devi recognised the family, she was happily go back to her family. 

Moksha Vridh Ashram patron Pankaj Sandhir told that even before this, many women brought to the ashram by the police for shelter have been reunited with their families.  She also appealed to the people that if you see any retarded woman roaming around, then please send her to Shaishav Kunj Mahila Ashram so that she can recover and go back to her family.

Seema Jain

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