Seminar on How to Become a Powerful video blogger

Seminar on How to become a powerful video blogger to be conducted at Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing

1 year ago

Under the Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2022, Phase-2, HiDM- the best institute for Digital Marketing is organizing seminars on different topics of digital marketing. Seminars will be conducted by HiDM students.

The second seminar on How to become a powerful video blogger will be conducted on Oct 12 by student Muskan Sharma under the guidance of his mentor Er. Manmohan Singla. The major highlights of the seminar will be blogging, types of blogging, video blogging overview, tools for video blogging, and case study.

Seminar on How to Become a Powerful Video Blogger
Seminar on How to Become a powerful video blogger

Every year, HiDM holds a Digital Marketing seminar fest under the SAP- (student Activities and Programs) section. Its first phase was conducted in the first half of the year. HiDM provides an advanced Digital Marketing course of 4 months covering every module of digital marketing. It also provides 2- months internship in a Pvt ltd company.  The trainer and coach, Er. Manmohan singla is one of the best digital marketing professionals in India.

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