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Sarvesh hospital’s Doctor Cricket League Hisar: Sapra Super Kings beat Sarvesh Panthers by 4 wickets

1 year ago

Doctors of Hisar showed their talent on the cricket field. Taking out time from patients and medicines, the doctors of the city were seen hitting sixes and fours in the field.

Sarvesh Hospital in Hisar organized the Sarvesh Doctor’s Cricket League in which teams of doctors from almost all multispecialty hospitals of Hisar participated.

The participating teams include Sapra Hospital, Sarvesh Hospital, Sarvodaya Hospital, Jindal Hospital, Aadhar Hospital, Churamani Hospital, and many others teams.

Sapra Super Kings, a team from Sapra multispecialty Hospital, competed with Sarvesh Panthers, a team from Sarvesh Hospital, the organizers of the cricket league. Sapra Super Kings beat Sarvesh Panthers by 4 wickets. Sarvesh Panthers’ total score was 61/10, to which Sapra Super Kings replied by making 62/6 runs.

Doctors Cricket League in Hisar

Sapra Super Kings Captain Dr. Amit Saini congratulated his team for the win and said “Generally a doctor’s life is very busy, there is very little time for sports. Usually we doctors only meet in hospitals, but this cricket league gave us a ground where we got a chance to play together and have fun.

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