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Sapra Hospital conducted a rare operation of pancreas injury for the first time in Hisar to save the spleen

8 months ago

A 24-year old Kuldeep resident of village Mehrana in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan got seriously injured in a road accident and admitted to the emergency department of Sapra Multi-Specialty Hospital, Hisar, due to an internal injury. On further examination, it was found that due to an internal injury in the stomach, the patient’s pancreas has broken into two pieces, and in order to save his life in the critical condition, the team of Sapra hospital doctors decided to perform an emergency operation.

About this complex operation which lasted for about three hours, Dr. Prabhu Swamy, Head of the Department of Gastro and Liver Surgery Department of Sapra Hospital said that the operation was complex as we have to keep the patient’s spleen protected while removing the affected part of the pancreas.

 According to Dr. Prabhu, the spleen is an important part of the immune system of the body and in such circumstances, it becomes a complex process to protect it.  But despite all kinds of difficulties, I and Dr. Tarun Sapra as well as the entire team of the Sapra hospital done this complex surgery successfully.  Now the patient’s health is improving and his condition is out of danger and he has been discharged from the hospital after the fourth day after the operation.

 The patient and his family expressed their gratitude to the doctors of Sapra Hospital in Hisar and their entire team for the success of this complex operation.

 Dr. Tarun Sapra, Director of Sapra Hospital, and Dr. Prabhu Swamy, Head of the Department of Gastro and Liver Surgery, said that now in addition to the surgery of pancreas injury, this department also has facilities to treat pancreas and liver cancer and operation of rotting liver through binoculars or open surgery in Sapra hospital.  Now patients suffering from such diseases will not have to go far for treatment that will save both the time and money of the patients.

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