Relaxed Body and mind resides in Healthy mind

3 years ago

When mind overwhelmed with unnecessary thoughts and worries, stress occurs. These worries and thoughts make our mind stressful and body full of diseases. Whenever we feel stress, we are not able to enjoy the present moment. The mind revolves around one thing at that time. If you don’t want that these thoughts would ruin your life, thus; relaxing the mind is very important to reduce stress.

Clear your mind and body out of negativities is necessary and can be done through these simple techniques:

 Exercise Daily: To burn the negative energy out of mind and body, exercise daily. Exercise can reduce the stress. Simple activities like taking a staircase instead of Lift, riding a bicycle, a 30 minute walk, swimming and stretching can help in reducing stress.

Take healthy diet: Mind and stomach are inter-related. When we get healthy food, our mind feels calm and relaxed. There are some hormones known as stress hormones whose level need to be checked. Chocolate, herbal tea, plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables all will help in detoxifying the body and get rid of stress.

Be an Optimist: Positive thinking is very importantfor any stressed or depressed person because negative thoughts will only exaggerate the situation. Thinking about good people and having good thoughts will calm the mind. Surround yourself with the positive mind people as they will encourage you to also think and behave positively.

Meditation: Meditation is a great way of making mind relax and calm. Deep breathing and yoga are also the part of meditation. This helps in knowing us better, make us kind and mindfulness.

Change the environment: The environment in which you are living matters a lot on your mental and physical health. Environment that is calm and composed, free of negativities is crucial for removing stress. Messy environment creates lot of clutter in life and mind. Remove the clutter or get separate yourself from unnecessary things as soon as possible.

These can be some of the tips and measures by following one can de- stress himself. He can also appoint a meditation or yoga trainer or can join a stress management courses under expert supervision.

Seema Jain

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