Positive Attitude is a way of life : Vishal Sripaul.

3 years ago

Yesterday, a warm and an amazing motivational session was conducted by Vishesh Academy of Commerce, Hisar on the subject Discover your Diamonds which was leaded by renowned motivational speaker, Gurudev Vishal Sripaul. Where he shared his wonderful insights on inspiration, motivation, keeping positive attitude etc. He uplifted the moral system of students by sharing his learnings from life, telling them the importance of meditation and the right way to do it, and how it is always in the hand of an individual to decide the wave of his life, so as to run it smoothly. The session was a huge success, leaving the students in total positivity about life and their goals.


It was presided over by Academy’s director T.R. Jain and Sunil Jain, who thanked and welcomed the chief speaker of the day, for making time to commend addressing the students. More than 100 students attended the session, out of which few were, outside students. Students seemed to be thrilled and enthusiastic after the session.

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