Personal messages and video calls are safe on WhatsApp: WhatsApp clarifies on the updated privacy policy

1 year ago

A few days back, the WhatsApp messaging app updated its privacy policy in which it is mentioned that how it shares user data with Facebook and Instagram. This has created chaos among the users and they started shifting to other apps like signal and telegram that are having the same features as WhatsApp.

On Tuesday, WhatsApp clarified through a tweet that its privacy policy update does not affect the privacy of messages done with friends or family. The company clarified that it continues to protect private messages with end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp now trying to assure the users by clarifying that it does not keep logs of who is calling and messaging, neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see the shared location, WhatsApp does not share the contacts list with Facebook, Whatsapp groups remain private and a user can download their data and can also set disappearing messages feature.

In a statement given last week, WhatsApp cleared that its new privacy policy is for how users communicate with business accounts and that personal account calls and messages remain unaffected.

To know how WhatsApp is protecting privacy and what it will share with facebook in business conversations, see official statement

Seema Jain

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