Periodontal Disease: Causes, types and preventive measures

3 years ago

Periodontal diseases are the diseases that are related to the teeth. Peri means ‘ around or peripheral ‘ and Odontal means ‘ teeth’. Our teeth are supported by structures called gums, cementum, ligament and bone. The inflammation or infections of these structures surrounding the teeth is termed as periodontal disease.

Now the question arises what causes Periodontal Disease?

We think that bacteria only live in our surrounding environment but it is not true. There are number of bacteria that live in our mouth and they are the cause of periodontal disease. Bacteria along with mucus and other particles form a sticky substance called ‘Plaque’. If plaque is not treated on time, it forms in a hard substance called ‘Tartar’. Plaque can be formed on the teeth, between the teeth and on gumline also. This deposition of dental plaque leads to the degradation of tooth.

Other factors that can enhance the periodontal disease are smoking, diabetes, poor nutrition, stress and improper brushing.

Types of Periodontal Disease:



Gingivitis:  It is an inflammatory condition characterized by redness and swelling of gums, bleeding of gums during brushing. This disease can be both severe and can persist for long time if not treated early. It can result in inflammation of both gum and tissue surrounding the teeth.

Periodontitis: when inflammation reaches to the jaw bone of the teeth, causing severe degradation of the teeth is termed as periodontitis. Periodontitis can occur only after gingivitis. Plaque that formed releases certain enzymes that in return cause damage to the bone cells.

Prevention to Periodontal Disease:

Brush properly and daily to prevent plaque to deposit.

Flossing technique can help in removing plaque.

Avoid smoking, stress and take healthy diet to prevent tooth decay.

Visit dentist on regular basis to keep teeth healthy.

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